Tuesday, 25 February 2014

AFCB still have work to do

Looking at the stats from the Derby match it would appear that the Cherries are still not the finished article yet. While they are not fare behind Derby in shots they only managed 10 all match and one on target. When games are tight affairs and there is little between the teams it is vital that the Cherries take their chances and at the moment they need to be better in the last third. 
AFCB players at Leicester City.
In possession it is not surprising that Derby kept well ahead with a strong second half performance which led to them having 56 per cent of the play in the match. But AFCB defended well with Cook especially being brave and getting a broken nose from Chris Martin for his trouble after 63 minutes. It was a bit like the Alamo at Derby in the second period. Bournemouth do keep the ball well though and they have been much less prone to individual errors of late. As a unit they are defending well and should have had some clean sheets.

Pitching themselves against the best teams in the league has not worked out quite as AFCB fans might have hoped which does make things a little more nervy heading into the next series of games. It is not that AFCB have to win that many games to ensure their safety and on paper there is plenty of time to get those wins. But it is the crunch part of the season now when teams have to do the business. The errors now will put you bang in trouble. If you didn't think a match against Doncaster would be that important at the start of the season I bet you are thinking differently now.

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