Monday, 10 February 2014

Arter really was a warrior against Bolton

I am not sure that Harry Arter likes Bolton that much. He had one of those days when most people would be saying to themselves what on earth was I thinking when I told myself I want to be a midfield player for a professional football team? The match hadn't even started and Harry had managed to turn his ankle. I can  imagine what Eddie Howe's face looked like on hearing the news. Professional to then end though, Harry pulled through and made it on to the pitch to start the game, after a pre-match test with Steve Hard.
Arter went through the wars a bit at Bolton.
Even then though it was a case of Harry's down injured. Then Harry's got a head injury., etc. Eunan O'Kane really clattered into Harry, but Lewis Grabban would not have got the ball to score Bournemouth's first goal if Eunan hadn't gone flying in for the ball. Arter recovered quickly and did manage to have many shots at goal and probably got so angry that it made him play with even more determination then normal. A battle is what Harry likes any way. Getting stuck in should perhaps be his motto, although it was a great credit in a game like this that he did not get a yellow card.

I did wonder if Shaun MacDonald would get a run out at some point to give Harry some rest, but Eddie kept Arter on and MacDonald had to wait for extra time when Grabban was taken off. That showed me that Edddie Howe has every faith in Harry Arter not to let him down and to let him play his game. I get the feeling that Harry is the toughest of AFCB's midfielders or he simply likes hard, punishing games because he does go through it for AFCB and I don't think we have another player anything like him. He is as they say "a warrior". 

All AFCB's players give a 100 per cent but I feel that with Harry every minute of a game that he is on the pitch for AFCB really means everything to him. He loves the shirt and probably plays through the pain more often than fans reliase. While he has his critics, I don't think AFCB fans will really know how good Arter is, until one day he is not available for Eddie Howe to pick every game.    

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