Monday, 3 February 2014

Goal line technology will surely come to the Championship

The calls for goal line technology will surely come for the Championship and Leagues One and Two in the next few years, now that it is already in place in the Premiership. It can only be a financial consideration why it is not used universally in the professional game now as the merits of having the technology far out weigh any reason not to have it on the grounds of spoiling the traditions of the game or not getting an instant decision. The technology is available and it's an immediate yes/no as far as a goal decision is concerned.

Lee Camp would like to see goal line technology introduced
in the Championship and I'm with him on that. 
Having seen the Leicester goal a number of times against AFCB there is one angle that I would really like to see and that is the camera view along the goal line. It is a shame that we can't yet take such controversy out of the game yet at Championship level. 

While I'll take the assistant referee's and referee's decision that it was probably  a goal, wouldn't it be nice for both teams, officials and fans to be able to say they can all be 100 per cent satisfied directly after the incident? Fairness all round is surely what all fans want. Officials can never get everything correct, but this is one area where it has been proven that controversy can be taken out of the game completely.

You can say a goal at Dean Court one way or the other is not going to make a dramatic change to AFCB's season and Leicester were certainly good value for their win on Saturday. But why should I rely on Mr Phillips' view rather than Lee Camp's? 

The worrying thing is that there could be such a goal in the play-off final in the Championship this season and it could mean the difference for one team to go into the Premiership or not. It is unlikely to feature Leicester City as they will probably win automatic promotion which is what their football deserves. But if the play-off final is the most lucrative game in football shouldn't it have the goal line technology? Perhaps it will now and from there it may filter down further into the Championship and other leagues.

I was never that sure if I wanted technology such as this to come into the game but I think it is a bit naive not to employed as widely as it can be once finances allow. Anything that helps to get correct decisions and helps the officials should surely be supported.  

You can vote in our goal line technology poll in the right hand panel to express your view on whether it would be good now to have the technology in the Championship or not.

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