Monday, 24 February 2014

Coulibaly will be wanting to play catch up

It has not quite been the season that Mohamed Coulibaly could have wanted when he signed up for the team over the summer. The chance to play in the English Championship must have been so exciting for him and having played pre-season against Real Madrid he must have been pinching himself at times. But then he soon felt his hamstring and then his ankle and it has been an on/off fitness workout ever since, so I was one of many AFCB supporters that will have been so pleased to see him on the bench at Derby. Now I am sure that he'll be hoping for a run in the first team.
Mohamed has great potential, I only hope we get to see some of it this season.
I don't know how much playing time Coulibaly is likely to get for the rest of the season, but he could be just the injection of  talent and energy that the Cherries need right now. He is unpredictable and powerful in his dribbling style and I am not too sure that there are many players quite like him in the Championship. While Mohamed could find it difficult like others have before him to fit into the team and put in consistent performances there is something of a risk taker about Mohamed that makes me excited to see him play.

He will shoot when nobody expects it and he probably will infuriate some when he should pass but instead runs into trouble. Yet, if the team is well balanced and can incorporate a player with a bit of flare and mystique about their play Coulibaly is available again it seems, and it is going to be very intriguing to see how and when Eddie Howe uses him if at all.

Eddie has to be fair to those have already been doing well and are playing at the top of their game and Coulibaly needs careful monitoring with the injuries that he has had. Used to good effect though, Coulibaly is a man who frankly I am not sure how many AFCB supporters know how good he is or could be? It maybe the same for Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall even though they see him in training regularly.

Well Mr Coulibaly, if you want to surprise us and start to play catch up you could still have the season that dreams are made of. Scoring important goals in March and April could yet make him one of Eddie Howe's best buys last summer, even at this late stage.

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