Sunday, 16 February 2014

Rantie is starting to get on the score sheet

Like may AFCB supporters I am hoping that Tokelo Rantie can still have a massive impact on the rest of AFCB's season as we head into the business end of games. Since joining the team from Malmo he has not delighted us with as many goals as his transfer fee might have suggested, but if he kicks picking up goals from now on I believe he could yet be the successful striker that he and the club so want him to be.

It was a bit of a surprise last weekend for fans to see AFCB score with a header from a corner. This Saturday though the team not only did it again, but the goal was scored by the head of TK! Being 5ft 8in myself I would be equally as small on the pitch as TK in this game which is full of six foot giants today. Still Tokelo's goal shows you that if you can lose your marker for a second and time your run to meet the ball cleanly in the air it is possible to score with a header. It is an area of the Cherries game that needs improving but at least players are starting to attack the ball in the air now when it is in the box, which is half the battle. TK being the man he is was more keen to pay thanks to Ian Harte's delivery from the corner and the fact that they had practised the corner just before the game shows that practise makes perfect.

Getting TK on the score sheet is only going to do his confidence the world of good. Eddie Howe simply can't praise the South African striker enough and I kind of see why he keeps lavishing praise on him because it has not been easy for TK to settle on the south coast. Eddie has only just started to select TK to start again having given him a bit of a breather. It seems that the home matches are where TK is most likely to get the opportunity to start games. If the goals start to go in regularly for him he will start to become one of the feared strikers in the Championship.

I know TK did not have an outstanding match against Burnley. Some of his first touches were far from great. Yet, all the time he is playing in the team and gaining experience in playing in difficult conditions he is going to be knowledgeable and more prepared for the next game. I would not be surprised if TK still manages to creep up to 10 goals this season and if he does that it should be a help to AFCB in their efforts to stay in the Championship.    

Do you think Tokelo Rantie sent Ian Harte a Valentines card?

I'll be speaking on All Depatrments' Kangaroo Court later tonight so do tune in.

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