Saturday, 8 February 2014

Match Description: Hard fought point for Cherries Bolton 2 V 2 AFCB

Match Description
Bolton 2 v 2 AFCB
8 February 2014
Attendance: 14,336 (including 472 AFCB fans)

AFCB's first visit to the Reebok stadium was a match that many supporters of the Cherries were looking forward to despite the huge travelling distance. At the end though I think most AFCB fans will have left the stadium a tad disappointed not to have come away with three points. Once again AFCB were to create a hat full of chances but taking chances and keeping a clean sheet is proving difficult in this league for the Cherries. But considering the venue and the situation Bolton are in it should be seen as a point gained.

Eddie Howe made three changes from the defeat against Leicester City. Elliott Ward was out with a knee injury and did not make the squad while Fraser and Rantie were dropped to the bench. In came Cook, Pugh and Surman. Some might have expected Kermorgant to start but he had made the bench which was packed with attacking players. Harry Arter took a knock, turning his ankle, in the warm up and we held our breath as Steve Hard took a look at him before the game kicked off. He returned for a fitness test and AFCB decided he was okay to start.

Bolton brought Chris Eagles back into their team along with Lee, Trotter and Bogdan the goalkeeper. I was just pleased to see that Bolton's lead striker Jermaine Beckford had not made it back to take part in the game. It was Trotter's first start since signing from Millwall in January.

Match Description:
Listening to Andrew Moon and Willo on Radio BBC Solent

Francis fires the ball up to Ritchie loses the ball and Bolton have a throw. Francis now to Ritchie, over hit and goal kick to Bolton.

Grabban is level with the box, Arter shoots left footed just wide. Bogdan did not move. O'Kane fouls Trotter. Mills plays it to Lee but his shot is blocked. Davies passes to Eagles who goes close with a shot from the right side of the box. There's a delay for an injury to Arter. Francis is given offside. 

O'Kane does not fine Grabban as Lee is in the way. Spearing finds Eagles on the right to Spearing, but Surman has it over half way. Ritchie to Francis, Surman got his feet all wrong with a massive opportunity. The ball hit Surman's standing leg. 

Harte fouls Eagles on 15 minutes. Spearing plays it to the penalty area but AFCB win the second ball and Arter is fouled. Harte now but Knight puts the ball out. Pugh comes in to Surman and Francis. Surman to Pugh and he is closed down. Surman to Arter and his shot is blocked for a throw. Ritchie flicks a pass and Grabban is in and Bogdan makes a great save."A major chance that," says Willo.

Lee and Spearing shrugs off Arter. Jutkiewicz loses out. Eagles on the right and Baptiste helps it over the bar! Long ball to Pugh but Knight wins it. Davies passes to Baptiste and Trotter. Baptiste behind Pugh but Harte defends for a corner, 20 minutes gone.

Harte wind a header and Lee in the area and he scores! Lee shot across Camp and into the corner across Camp. 1:0 to Bolton. "Very frustrating, more maddening in fact," says Willo. 20 minutes gone.

Ream to Jutkiewicz, but Elphick wins it. Grabban's ball is cut out. Pugh against Baptiste and Grabban's header is cleared. Rain is falling at the Reebok. Arter on half way to Harte and Pugh to Arter and Baptiste came in, while the flag goes up for offside.

Arter blocked by Knight. Arter to Pugh and back to Arter who wins a corner. Another corner off Spearing. Arter in towards Bogdan cleared. camp drills the ball forward and Knight finds eagles and Baptiste and back to the keeper. Arter again and back with Elphick and O'Kane. Grabban has the ball back to Surman. Francis on the right to Surman and Pugh then Ritchie and Grabban does not quite get there.

Jutkiewicz has the ball now Trotter and Eagles. Cook beats Eagles. Trotter to Lee and Jutkiewicz. Ream to Lee who cut past Ritchie but Elphick concedes the corner. Headed across goal. Knight and then Spearing takes a heavy touch. Pugh on the break to O'Kane but a poor pass.

Bolton look for Eagles. Cook heads away. Davis to Knight and Baptiste but Camp claims the ball. Harte is having problems on the left wing, not tight enough. Pugh back to Arter and Surman into Grabban but Knight challenges him and it's a throw. Pugh to Grabban who is blocked. Harte's cross is headed out by Mills. Pugh loses the ball and it's a goal kick, 30 minutes gone.

Knight finds Jutkiewicz with a long ball and it's 2:0 to Bolton! Jutkiewicz took it on his chest and lobbed it over Lee Camp on 31 minutes. Cruel on the Cherries. "You can't give goals away like that," says Willo.

Surman finds Grabban and "What a goal top corner!" A stunning strike. Will the goal stand? Yes! 2:1. Arter is down. Arter has a head blow. The shot came from outside the box. The Cherries are back in this having been the better team. 33 minutes gone.

Bolton go long and Arter comes back on. Eagles chips the ball over but it's cleared. Grabban finds Ritchie. O'Kane to Surman and now Pugh back to Surman and Arter. O'Kane and Grabban finds Francis. O'Kane over hits it.

Bolton coming forward and Davies left footed strike goes wide. Camp had it covered says Willo. AFCB tried a short goal kick and Bolton were gifted position with O'Kane drilling it back to the keeper! Luckily Jutkiewicz was offside. Great football abilities from Camp though.

Jutkiewicz and Cook and Francis helps out to get the ball to Camp. Cook gives the ball to Eagles but O'Kane makes the tackle. O'Kane to Francis and infield to Surman and O'Kane, Arter settles for a throw. Harte to Francis and Arter could have swept the ball in but it went under his foot.

Francis finds Elphick and Cook. Grabban in behind to the left. Ritchie miss controls it. Eagles tries to pass Cook but Arter has it. Lee slows down Francis. Arter to O'Kane and back to Arter. Grabban calls for it but Baptises reads it. Pugh crosses though and it's cleared. 

The last minutes and a half before extra time. Cook clears and Knight has it. O'Kane is fouled. Free kick and three minutes of extra time. Harte is closed down. Elphick to Pugh and Arter shoots over the bar with a left foot strike.

Cook comes again and up to Harte but Spearing is fouled. Ream looks for Lee. Francis challenges and give the ball to Grabban. Cook back to Camp and it's half time 2:1.
The Reebok stadium.

Second Half
Arter plays the ball up to Grabban but Bogdan has it. Harte with Eagles and Eagles shoots into the side netting. Free kick to AFCB. Surman loses out to Davies, Lee now. Grabban turns from trouble. Harte delivers and headed over by Mills.

Arter takes the corner. Surman sends it back but Trotter picks it up. Then O'Kane has it and another corner is won by Grabban. 
Harte to take it. At the near post Spearing clears, then Trotter.   

Bogden takes a goal kick. Eagles loses the ball to Cook. Ream and Eagles now but AFCB win it. Pugh is fouled. Harte takes the kick, Francis heads back and Surman but Spearing clears and Elphick fouls his man. 51 minutes gone.

Arter finds Ritchie down the touch for Grabban but Mills clears. Surman to Cook and Harte into Arter back heel to Pugh, but Baptiste and Trotter clear. Cook has a long throw. Francis loses to Mills in the air. Cook tries to play it back in but it's a poor cross. 

Ritchie, Arter shoots just wide of the post! Jutkiewicz heads on but straight to Camp. Surman is beaten by Knight then O'Kane fouled Trotter. Eagles to Baptiste but it's too fast a pass and through to Camp. "Eddie Howe's Barmy Amry" is ringing out.

Bolton break with David and Eagles, Davies against Camp, keeper claims. Grabban behind Knight will need support, deflected for a corner. Near post and past everyone!  

Cook clears as Trotter fouls Francis. Cook trying to get Francis in. Substitution Kamara comes on for Davis on 58 minutes.

Grabban 20 yards out tries to cross but it's deflected. O'Kane to Francis. Ream and now Jutkiewicz his cross goes to nobody. Lee is tackled by Francis. Arter tries a cross ball but it's out of play.

O'Kane loses to 
Jutkiewicz over hit to Eagles and Camp comes out to clear. Arter wins a free kick. The Centre halves go up. Harte headed away by Spearing and Lee. Grabban and Bogdan claims.Jutkiewicz challenges Harte, Arter wins the ball. Ritchie to Grabban and Mills comes in well to give away a corner, 61 minutes gone. Harte delivers and headed down but wide by Cook. It hit the outside of the post!

Grabban controls the ball and Ritchie is ahead and early cross and another corner. Rantie and Kermorgant to come on Surman and Pugh go off on 66 minutes. 

Harte plays the ball in and Francis heads the ball. It's in 2:2, bottom right corner on 65 minutes.

Ream finds Spearing and back to Knight.  Kermorgant over runs it but Rantie has it and Kermorgant was inches away from a goal but Bogdan makes a great save. The back heel from Rantie set it up. Arter to take the corner. Bogdan takes the ball.

Francis to Arter. Ritchie back to Francis and O'Kane. Kermorgant and O'Kane now Ritchie and Rantie. Ritchie back to Rantie beats one player and just can't get past the third player.

Sub for Bolton. Trotter off and Moritz on after 69 minutes. O'Kane long to Ritchie and Rantie just behind Grabban. AFCB win the ball in midfield again. Long clearance from Bogdan. Harte clears for a throw. 16 minutes to go. Kamara and Moritz who crosses and camp catches. 

Grabban to O'Kane rides a challenge and Baptiste heads back to the keeper. Jutkiewicz chests it down to Eagles, Mortiz and Bolton lose possession. Ritchie is caught but Francis had the advantage as play is pulled back. Ream goes into the book.

AFCB opened up by Eagles but he is forced out of play. Francis to Ritchie poor ball in to Mills. O'Kane to Rantie who is offside. Ritchie to Kermorgant and Rantie right footed - good save by the keeper!

Elphick clears for a Bolton throw. Lee beats Francis and off Ritchie's legs for a corner. Ream to the far post headed back but Jutkiewicz heads straight to Camp. 

Grabban now, Ritchie to Rantie and Arter shoots, deflected for a corner. Rantie could have shot says Willo. Just over 10 minutes to go. Headed out by Knight. Francis fouls Eagles and he is booked.Jutkiewicz does not get there and Kermorgant over the top as Rantie races for the ball but Bogdan beats him to it. Kermorgant to Rantie. Spearing now and Moritz to Mills. Ream on half way and Lee to Moritz and Camp fumbles and O'Kane chests down before clearing. Volleyed away. Jutkiewicz shoots wide.

Sub for Bolton Danns comes on for Eagles on 82 minutes. Header won by Knight.  Long ball from Mills to Danns, but Elphick clears. Moritz and Spearing shoots 35 yards out high and wide.

Rantie is challenged by Mills, Jutkiewicz brings it down but O'Kane clears. Arter tries to clear. Baptiste to Lee and Kamara and Baptiste helps it on and wide!

Four minutes to go. Mills fouls Rantie. Ritchie gathers the ball and O'Kane. Cook can't win the flick on. Rantie and Reams. Bolton bring the ball away with Danns and Reams. Arter catches Spearing.  Francis wins the header. Danns tried a shot but wide. Grabban and Camp have been superb says Willo.

Francis down the line. Danns to 
Jutkiewicz and is challenged by Elphick. It goes out for a corner. Ream to the far post and wide from Jutkiewicz.

Four minutes of extra time. Camp up to Rantie. Spearing heads out for a throw. Lee to Danns who is held by Francis and it's another Bolton corner. Reams takes it and AFCB win the header. Kermorgant closes Danns down. Francis makes a clearance. Lee to the far post and Elphick clears over the bar!

Corner and Kermorgant puts it out for a throw. Goal kick to AFCB. Final sub for AFCB Grabban goes off and MacDonald comes on 93 minutes. Kermorgant flicks the ball on but Rantie is offside. Elphick wins the header and the whistle goes 2:2.

Camp, Francis, Elphick, Cook, Harte, Pugh (66 Kermorgant), Surman (66 Rantie), Arter, O'Kane, Ritchie and Grabban (93 MacDonald )

Allsop, Pitman, Rantie, Smith, Fraser, MacDonald and Kermorgant.

Bogdan, Baptiste, Mills, Knight, Ream, Spearing, M Davies (Kamara 58), Eagles (82 Danns), Trotter (69 Moritz), Lee and Jutkiewicz

Bolton Subs
Lonergan, Moritz, Kamara, Pratley, White , Danns and Hall

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