Monday, 10 February 2014

Are clean sheets so difficult to achieve?

It would have been great  for AFCB to record what would have been their fifth clean sheet of the season. Sadly we will have to wait a bit longer for that statistic. Having played 29 matches now it has been hard work to record four clean sheets.
AFCB's back four are still failing to keep clean sheets.
Having Lee Camp in goal may not have made as big a block on those goals going in as fans may have thought considering his great performances. But Lee's saves have certainly helped AFCB gain a few extra points already and keeping the Cherries in the game is all you can ask of a shot stopper.

The defence is an area where AFCB do have a weakness. But defending your goal starts from the front and Eddie Howe will be working with the whole team to make it more solid as time goes on. Closing down players is something that is always expected from managers but the very best teams in this league are excellent at creating space. Quickness of thought and incisive runs happen in an instance and AFCB have been failing to deal with movement off the ball.
Lee Camp will do his best but he needs help from his defenders.
But there are occasions when teams can expect a threat on goal. Set-pieces are such instances and AFCB slipped up against Bolton when they scored after a corner feeling that the ball was cleared and the danger had gone. But being slightly out of position is all that good strikers need to take advantage. It's up to our players to make the right decisions at the right times and the fact that they like other players are not able to always make the correct calls means that goals are scored. All Eddie Howe and his team can do is limit the risks. All that takes time and trust between the players knowing that each of them are doing their jobs.

AFCB are work in progress, and every clean sheet should be celebrated this season.

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