Thursday, 27 February 2014

Can Rantie be more than just a nuisance against the opposition?

It appeared that Rantie had a pretty good game against Derby. Even though he didn't score he was a constant threat and caused all manner of panic in Derby's defence, especially in the first half. But why aren't the breaks quite going for him in these big games?
Rantie needs to believe he can score several goals in a game
and must keep firing shots off even when the ball doesn't look like bouncing for him. 
Rantie is a nuisance and opposition defenders don't like his speed of turn and direct running. Luckily for them he hasn't managed to come up with as many top class finished as AFCB would have liked yet. Still he has been in the thick of games when he has started and it seems a regular occurrence for TK to be involved in many of the goal scoring chances.

Against Derby he hounded their defenders so hard that he almost forced Keogh into an own goal. He is persistent enough to keep threatening even if he is not having a great game and I think that is one of the things that Eddie Howe likes about him. In short, TK's head never goes down. He just keeps trying and that is a good quality to have. Once he does start scoring regularly I hope he is not ever satisfied with one goal per match either. AFCB need a tigerish spirit about them if they are to beat teams more often, and TK has to stay hungry for every opportunity he gets because the next one is always the one he should be endeavouring to put away. Forget what has happened in the past and think about this moment. It is that instant of a second that counts when it comes to scoring or not scoring.

Most of the confidence can be built up on the training ground but there is nothing like scoring in a league match that counts towards three points. Rantie has to live for that feeling and remind himself how good that feels. But he should not feel pressured to score every game. He can play his part just as well by putting on passes for others to score and by getting a run in the team he should start to feel that he is part of a team rather than an individual striker. It is only in that environment that AFCB's South African diamond can really shine.

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