Tuesday, 12 April 2016

AFCB don't like being outplayed

The win at Aston Villa was massive as it not only ensured Premier League survival for the Cherries but it put the Cherries back on track. It would be easy for the side to have dwelled on the Spurs away match as a reality check, but they came out and fought in the next away game with an intent to control the game from the start.
The Cherries have found it tough in the Premier League but
back to back wins have built confidence over the season.
I think the high work rate that we see every week is always the least that the players aim to give and when they play the big sides they have more difficult in being able to put that part of their game in as they are continually being run ragged just trying to get the ball. Against the teams that have been struggling there is less pressure on the ball and more time for AFCB's players to get their passing going. Interrupting the rhythm of the Cherries is something that the best teams have managed but the Cherries imprint on matches can be successful against the better teams if they players make the right decisions.

The next step is certainly to find ways of making the team harder to beat against the very best sides.  Individual mistakes have been a source of some of the negative 15 goal difference the Cherries have and that will be a starting point for corrections. We can hope that some better players strengthen the side but we have to remember that this is the first season that the players have gone through at this level and next season they may not make so many of the same mistakes.

It clearly annoys the players when things do go wrong, and while we have heard that there were changing room arguments after the Man City defeat and the goal that Villa scored again brought some of the players' annoyance to the surface it does show that they care and want to do better. As long as Eddie Howe gets that from his payers he will be happy with their work.

This next weekend will be another challenge when Liverpool turn up at Dean Court and the AFCB players will know that they have been getting closer to getting a result over the red side of Merseyside. There will be a switch the flicks over to feeling that the side has started to go to the next level if it can finally get a result against Klopp's side that have had the better of recent meetings even if they have not necessarily looked like a team that are any stronger than the Cherries.

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