Saturday, 23 April 2016

We must see more fight from the Cherries

I was watching the game between Newcastle Utd and Man City during the week and was really impressed by the way Benitez's side ran like mad dogs all over the pitch for the 90 minutes chasing just about everything. It may be too late for Newcastle, but for AFCB we have seen a high work rate in most games and the Cherries have always been up or around the top of the charts when it has come to running stats this season. But we also want to see them fight and scrap for every ball and to be first to everything - that's the best way for them to put Chelsea on the back foot.
Cherry Chimes asks for more of a fighting performance from the Cherries.
The last couple of games have not gone the way AFCB fans will have wanted. While the desire for more wins has not diminished the results have not been coming and the Chelsea game will be another match when pundits expect AFCB to fall short again. For both teams there is not a great deal riding on the game, but the points are always important to win and the Cherries need a boost to get them through the remaining games.

The team has fought very hard to get where it is today and they have to believe that they are in these games to win them. If AFCB stand off these players they will find themselves only reacting to what Chelsea do. I'd like to see the team be more proactive and to really go for  Chelsea. With a good weeks rest behind them there should not be any thoughts of taking it easy now. The home supporters have not seen as many wins as the fans that have done the travelling to the away games and it would be good to see some of the balance restored.

Let's get behind the team and see if we can't get an extra few per cent out of every player. The hairs stood up on the back of my neck when Callum Wilson was ushered on in the last match - that's the kind of rocking atmosphere we need to create against a side like Chelsea. See you there - UTCIAD!

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