Monday, 25 April 2016

Creating shots is only half the story for AFCB

While it was impressive to see AFCB create so many chances against Chelsea there is a bit of a question mark over why they did not put away some more of the 13 attempts they had on goal. While the team had the same number of shots on target as Chelsea on 4, we all know who put their chances away.

Begovic did have a good game for Chelsea but he was not forced to do that much work during the 90 minutes and even Boruc at the other end was not constantly diving around to keep Chelsea out. It is just the quality of the Chelsea strikes that were clinical. Yet with all the striking talent that AFCB had to call upon it is perhaps a surprise that they did not get a bit more reward for their efforts.
It's getting near to the end of term for AFCB's players.
Eddie Howe was realistic in saying that Chelsea deserve credit and he's right, AFCB can't just expect to knock over teams like Chelsea every day of the week, but if they want to build something themselves they will have to get the odd result against the top teams like they have this season. There has been a helping hand in doing that though with special set plays helping AFCB along the way at times when they beat Man Utd and the more work they do at those situations is vital if they are to keep a step ahead of some of these teams. 

I have heard some fans moan when the short corners are taken and yet we have seen that they can work as they did against Villa recently. Sadly they don't come off every time but there is a confidence that can be gained by trying them as every player knows what he has to do and where he should be to make it work, and such orchestrated goals are so much about the team working together that I think they are probably more valuable to the side as a whole when they come off than when one individual does something spectacular.

So I hope AFCB keep being creative and look to surprise teams as it is a good weapon to have. UTCIAD!

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  1. I have no problem with us bombing forward, long may that happen, as you rightly say, we had enough chances, we just didn't have the players with the quality to take them, Josh King excepted, I thought he was outstanding. Once the changes were made 2nd half, the front two weren't getting the service they needed, as I've said many times, if forwards whoever they may be don't get the service they require, so they're playing to their strengths, they might just as well not be on the pitch, Murray a case in point. Our main problem was giving the ball away senselessly, Pugh and Gosling in particular, doing the hard bit, but their distribution often fell short of what was needed. This has been the biggest problem IMO all season, except when Arter is on song, and something I hope Eddie addresses in the summer. Our quality in the squad doesn't run deep enough, and I expect several changes. We were always likely to get turned over by the Top 6, I'm not that concerned, I've enjoyed every second of the season, regardless!! UTMCIAD