Tuesday, 26 April 2016

AFCB still have much to play for

While the Cherries have been watching to see how the bottom four are doing in their point gathering exploits it has been a tad uneasy that people have been saying well AFCB are safe when mathematically it isn't quite true yet. It is a shame that teams are not all on the same number of games at this late stage in the season. It is likely though that AFCB will again their safety when these other teams fail to get the points they need with their games in hand, rather than AFCB perhaps doing it for themselves by picking up more points. That is no disappointment though as the Cherries have put their points up on the board and have won a good many games even if they have found it hard to get points of late.
Starved of points the Cherries have a point to prove at Goodison.
AFCB will still want to get over that imaginary line though getting that winning feeling back and at Everton they will have a chance to do that. If there was nothing to play for in that game though it would reduce the importance of the game and while it is extremely unlikely that AFCB would be playing in the Championship next season it is important for themselves to try and feel that they have earned their place for next season in the Premier League rather than other teams failing to quite catch them in the final stages.

There are personal goals of course as well like the number of clean sheets, away wins and individual goal tallies to achieve, but the players will be most concerned with the overall team performance and whether they are letting the season fizzle out. 

The Premier League is not any easy place to win games and the players should not take anything for granted. One season at this level does not make them comfortable at this level and the recent run of games has proved that there are sides in this division that are still a very long way ahead of the Cherries. Getting beaten week after week though is not something they want to get used to and at some point they have to dig in and get a point out of a game just to bring some stability and confidence back. Hopefully, they can do that up at Goodison.

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