Wednesday, 27 April 2016

AFCB need to build some momentum

The end of the season is speeding towards us and while the last few games have shown how quickly things can change in terms of the mood and points return, AFCB are no doubt keen to get back to doing things better on the pitch. The momentum that Eddie Howe wants to find in the remaining games is not just going to happen magically and it is going to need some major concentration and up turn in performance if matters are to change.
AFCB need to get back in the fast lane.
As has been said many times, this game turns on what happens in both boxes. The Cherries have been finding it hard to take opportunities in the last third while they are still leaking goals at the other end. But the passing in midfield is also coming into question of late and while Eddie Howe has made changes to the team in the last game, the performances have been rather similar against the recent crop of top teams.

Whether the match against Everton is seen as a slightly more winnable match is perhaps a dangerous assumption to make. The Merseysiders are still way ahead of the Cherries in terms of their squad depth and perhaps their ambitions, even if the two teams sit very close to each other in the league. As much as AFCB have found themselves trundling along in neutral in April, Everton have might even have been said to have selected reverse. 

Eddie Howe is probably not too nervous about other teams catching the Cherries now but he will want to start getting some points to keep in with a chance of finishing 11th or as close to that as the club can. There is a kind of mini league of six clubs now just two points apart from 11th to 16th that is likely to be where AFCB now finish. It may not seem to matter in which place AFCB finish but it is not only the money of a higher finish that the club is well aware of but for the players there is surely a desire to finish as high as possible.  

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