Thursday, 7 April 2016

First goal is likely to decide Villa match

You'd have to say that on recent evidence the first goal is likely to be central to where the points will be going on Saturday for AFCB. Against Stoke, Spurs and Man City the early goals against the Cherries have seen disappointing performances follow and it is important for AFCB's confidence to get off to a flyer if they can.
The opening day of the 2015-16 season and Aston Villa got a win at Dean Court.
We've had to wait but now the Cherries can go and try and get the result they wanted back in August. 
Getting that quick start will be something that will surely be a key focus this week in training. The players need to feel that they are going out to beat a side that is awaiting the Championship and that just need a firm hand to be pushed over the edge now. AFCB will want to hit them hard with pace and power on the flanks and look to serve their strikers to get ahead early. 

There is no secret to playing well for AFCB, it's just starting at the right tempo and energy and making Villa worry about what the Cherries are doing more than anything else. As long as Villa are on the back foot there is every reason to believe that AFCB can add to their away wins this season. There have been games where the Cherries have been caught even when they have got the first goal but I do believe that the Cherries almost need a goal just to get them playing positively and stretching teams. 

It is a balance though and Edie will also want to see the side doing some of the basic parts of the game better than they have of late especially at set pieces. Villa have height in Gestede as we know all to well and the fact that Villa have beaten the Cherries once means the Cherries have to go and win this game and can't expect it just to fall their way.

So while the first goal will be important, I'm hedging my bets and predicting a 1-1 draw. Tomorrow you can send in your score predictions for the game. It will be the last prize giving score prediction for this season!

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