Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Steve Cook keeps his goal count going

I suppose there are few of us that would put forwards Steve Cook as the man you'd have to look out for in the Bournemouth team as he is likely to pinch a goal. There are other players that would spring to mind more quickly but you can't knock the centre backs record in his last few games. He is getting forward and playing important parts in set-piece plays and I only hope he does not become a marked man.
Steve Cook is closing in on the top AFCB scorers now
Eddie Howe has said that Steve Cook has always had a goal in his game. He has been a threat at corners with his heading power but to start getting goals on the end of short corner kicks is quite something else. It would be easy for Howe and Tindall to give the job of slotting the ball away t a forward like we saw with Josh King in the Man Utd home match, but it is a bit of a masterstroke to select Steve Cook to be on the end of a set move as the opposition just didn't know how agile he is up until now. Jason Tindall appears to be the mastermind behind the intricate set move and I don't believe he gets enough credit for his work next to Eddie Howe, but as assistant manager he clearly has vital input in such matters.

The back heel flick which was as good as England's Jamie Vardy goal against Germany was no fluke. Steve Cook meant it and it was straight off of the training pitch. The fact that AFCB are scoring from these new corner kicks demonstrates that it is worthwhile practising them on the training ground and if AFCB become known as a team that will often score from a special corner or carefully free kick, there is nothing wrong with that. We may not have a Dimitri Payet in our team but creating space in the box for clear shots at goal is just as valuable when not hitting the top corner direct from a free kick.

Andrew Surman has been taking most of the free kicks of late and he might do well to look to see where Steve Cook is, if he goes up for any of those moments in the game. For Cook's current desire to get his name on the score sheet means he is oozing with confidence and probably feels that he can score from anywhere at the moment. It's a pleasure to see the delight on his face as well as we did at Villa Park when he dd score. It gives the players even more enjoyment when something that they have worked over and over again at actually comes off in a live game situation.

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