Wednesday, 6 April 2016

More quality teams still to come to Dean Court

It is quite a good thing that AFCB still have some big teams coming to Dean Court. The side needs to prove itself at home against the very best and in having to take on both Liverpool and then Chelsea at Dean Court there is every chance that the players will improve on what the have done against other top quality sides in their own back yard.
AFCB have to make the most of home advantage in the last three home games they have.
There needs to be improvement too. The challenge must always be to get better and as fans we need to be patient some times when the side is having a tough spell against what are often world stars these days. If seeing Diego Costa or Daniel Sturridge is a thrill to us fans then you can bet it is a real milestone for a Steve Cook or a Simon Francis to have the chance to play against them and try a keep a clean sheet. 

At home there have not been too many clean sheets and it is something that the Cherries will have to start doing if they are to find themselves in the upper reaches of the Premier League in future seasons. If the team can score two and keep a clean sheet against a side like Southampton at home it should really be able to be in games against the likes of Liverpool and Chelsea who actually sit lower in the league than Southampton.

It is a side of the Cherries' season that must seem baffling to Eddie Howe and the payers that they have not found their normal patterns of play against sides like Spurs and Man City. You can plan all you like during the week, but it is down to the players to deliver and we can only cheer them on. Getting behind the team is a must though as the way finish this season will start the momentum for the start of next season - just look at Leicester City!

There was a good 3-0 win against Reading for the U21s yesterday. Interesting that Callum Wilson did not get a run out to improve his match fitness - read into that what you will for Saturday.

Is Eddie Howe the best of British? See Shoot's Bournemouth Blog for my views.

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