Saturday, 16 April 2016

Tyrone Mings will make AFCB far more competitive when he is fit

It has been really hard for Tyrone to miss most of the season after his big transfer to AFCB from Ipswich Town. Like many fans I was looking forward to see how he would do in the Premier League as a new boy like most of the team. I kind of thought that he might be able to add some different patterns to the team's play on the left and his strength, height and speed I could see being a real asset to the team.
Tyrone could yet be one of the most exciting prospects for AFCB in 2016.
As it turned out, Charlie Daniels could not have had much better a season than he has had and Tyrone's absence was perhaps not as costly as it first appeared to the way AFCB would approach games. Now Tyrone is the last player with a long term injury to be targeting a return for early next season. He must have some mixed feelings about having been unable to play and yet seeing the team perform so well, regaining their Premier League status in their first season in the top flight.

Tyrone will still have built up a lot of friendships while he has been with the club and no doubt the banter will have been a good way of taking his mind off of things at times. He must also have been encouraged when he saw Max Gradel and more recently Callum Wilson make their returns and he must feel now that the time will come when he is able to get back out with the team, some time over the summer, to start running again and increasing his training.

When he does become available it will be quite a contest between him and Charlie Daniels while Rhoys Wiggins surely has ambitions to make his Premier League debut. Tyrone will be another year older as will Charlie and Rhoys, and while Charlie will have had more experience of the Premier League, Tyrone and Rhoys will have a point to prove. While I have seen Tyrone playing for Ipswich Town, I suppose as fans we don't really know how good Tyrone is yet or could be and that excites me for next season.

I'm not expecting the team to be as settled as it was in this first season in the top flight as I believe Eddie Howe will bolster the squad with similar young potential like Tyrone to add further competition for places. I don't think any of the players can rest easy that they will be a first choice when it comes to the start of next season. The defence is the area where the signings will be crucial though I feel if the team is to improve. Tyrone may well be the layer that makes the left side of the team more solid though as it goes forward.

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  1. I wonder how Tyrone Mings would do as a central defender. With Steve Cook obviously destined for a role as a classic number 9, someone needs to fit in at the back. 4 goals from open play as a central defender? I seem to remember that Martin Chivers, Malcolm MacDonald and Gareth Bale started off at the back.

    Rhoys Wiggins? I never wanted to see him come back, but now he has it would be fun to see him come on for a couple of minutes. The only player on the books who was on the pitch for us in League 2.