Wednesday, 9 November 2016

A levelling off period for the Cherries

Eddie Howe has been clearly suggesting that this AFCB side is one that excites him and yet at times the team finds itself hitting a plateau, as it's development suddenly takes a backward step. The knock backs against Middlesbrough and Sunderland were a warning that even sides in the lower half will take points off you if the side is not punching hard and killing off games.
Eddie is keen for everybody not to get ahead of where AFCB are at.
The lethal sharp shooting of the Hull City match has vanished and that has to be a bit baffling for Howe who thought he had his side firing well. The levelling off period, as he calls it, is not something that he can afford to continue for too long. The Cherries will soon be sucked into a relegation battle, if they keep firing blanks in front of goal. Much of the promise that the side has is wrapped up in what Callum Wilson and Josh King can do this season. Josh and Callum are now used to the pressures of the league and need to work with Jack Wilshere to find a solution to their low goal scoring tally.

I suspect that the crowd also have a big influence on the side and they were pensive against a Sunderland side who had come to defend first and foremost. If that kind of flat atmosphere is allowed to continue it will be hard for the players to raise their games, and AFCB need that extra boost in matches where they are favourites. Getting pumped up for Liverpool, Leicester and Southampton at home will hopefully be less difficult. Beating the better sides is what fans absolutely adore, but the bread and butter comes from picking up points along the way against struggling sides as well, and AFCB need to ensure that their home form is quickly regained when they are finding it hard to get much from away games.

It is almost better that AFCB feel that they are battling for survival rather than just thinking they have a cushion on the bottom three as taking their foot off the gas is a dangerous game. It is just a blessing that teams like Crystal Palace and Swansea City are equally inconsistent.

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