Thursday, 3 November 2016

Wilshere is still raising his game

If there was a few positives from the match against Middlesbrough, many of them came from the feet of Jack Wilshere. Having completed a second 90 minutes for AFCB, he has started to find his touch and rhythm. But it's the missing goal that will ignite his season.
Wilshere is lining up in good shape now.
I don't expect that Wilshere has even thought about what it might mean to him to score for AFCB. He probably won't find it something that is simple to gloss over or feel unemotional about as it will be a moment when he can truly celebrate what he is doing at Bournemouth. While the players know Jack is a class act they want to share in his progress and bring the best out of him. I just hope it falls for Jack to score soon.

Against Middlesbrough, I thought he was one of the better players. He may not have got as many tackles in as Arter and Surman, but he was getting back to his old self of picking out passes to King and Ibe and we need to see more of that. When he lofted his chip in the first half to King to smash his shot against the bar, it was another moment when you just had to sit back and admire Wilshere's initial pass. A Jack Wilshere that starts to bounce off other players doing well and up his own performance is going to be something worth seeing. The mood in the camp might be a bit reflective at the moment though after the Boro defeat. The team need to keep the performances at a high level though to get Wilshere dialling into his best game.

There's probably been too much talk about Jack and not enough watching of his game. It is something that Gareth Southgate has not slipped up on though. He has kept quiet about Jack and has seen him complete the 90 minutes against Spurs and Middlesbrough. It may well be enough for him to recall Jack and it was probably in Eddie Howe's mind to keep Jack on the pitch at Middlesbrough. I wouldn't say AFCB or England look like the completed article when Jack plays for them, but he adds a gloss to the style of play that is just pleasing to watch.

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