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Daily Cannon - don't expect an Englishman after Wenger and Wilshere - he's ours!

Rival Lines
Arsenal v AFCB
28 November 2016
Blogger Interview: Daily Cannon

This week I had a great chat with Lee Hurley at the Daily Canon - an Arsenal blog that started back in 2008. I am sure there have been the odd grumblings since then on Arsenal on his site but even this week the mood might have been dampened following recent results. At least Arsenal fans know that Jack Wilshere is not returning to haunt them in his AFCB colours, but what do Arsenal fans think of one of their stars coming to the south coast and are they looking forward to this game?

CC: What did you feel about Jack Wilshere joining AFCB on loan and do you think his time at Arsenal is over?

DC: I was surprised when a loan move was first rumoured but it’s a good move for Jack and I’m glad to see him end up at a club like Bournemouth who play good football. I don’t think his time at Arsenal is over, but I’m a lot less confident about that than I was a few months ago. There is a place for him in the Arsenal midfield, especially with Santi Cazorla’s ongoing injury problems and had he stayed at Arsenal he would have got a lot more game time this season than anyone was expecting. I genuinely couldn’t call it, but if you put a gun against my head, I’d say he will be at Arsenal next season.

CC: Do you think Arsenal will look for an English manager after Wenger or are they more likely to continue to favour the Premier League's trend for foreign managers?

DC: It’s impossible to know what this Arsenal board will do when Wenger goes, mostly because none of them are real football people. There is no clear successor at the club at the minute and that makes me think we will see Wenger sign a new deal. As for nationality, it all depends on if there is an Englishman good enough. Where he comes from won’t play into it at all, but I’d be surprised to see an Englishman take over, solely because I don’t think there are any at that level just now.

CC: Were you pleased with the point at Old Trafford and apart from the point what do you think Wenger got out of that game in his understanding of his side?

DC: We were awful against United (and PSG) so to get a point, you have to be happy. We haven’t played well for a few months now but seem to be still grinding out results. The only thing Wenger learned (or had reinforced) after the game at Old Trafford is that this side still have psychological problems there.

CC: Have you been impressed with Mohammed Elneny and what are his main strengths?

DC: We haven’t seen much of Elneny since he signed in January but what we’ve seen has been decent. He’s not a showstopper, just a solid performer. He won’t ever be a first-team regular unless we have tons of injuries or he makes a massive improvement, however. Very much a squad player.

CC: What's the latest news on Danny Wellbeck's recovery from injury and is the injury to Hector Bellerin a big problem for Arsenal?

DC: Welbeck should be back in the new year. As for Bellerin, he’s a massive miss because Carl Jenkinson is incomparable. Solid enough in defence, Jenkinson isn’t as adept going forward and Bellerin’s absence really blunts one of Arsenal’s three-prongs of attack.

CC: Do you think Jamie Vardy would have been a great buy for Arsenal in the summer?

DC: I have never been so glad to have a player turn down Arsenal as I was when Jamie Vardy said no. He wouldn’t have been a great buy. Giroud offers more from his all-round play and Vardy’s character is, well, let’s just say ‘less than ideal’ for Arsenal.

CC: I was surprised to see Giroud only has five goals this season, despite getting the equaliser against Man Utd. But are Arsenal a weaker side when Giroud does not start?

DC: Arsenal are neither weaker nor stronger with Giroud starting, just different. He has only started two games all season after an extended summer holiday and then a toe injury. He has five goals and two assists in all competitions this season with only 340 minutes played.

CC: Arsenal have drawn their last two home games in the Premier League. If you were to draw this game as well would alarm bells be starting to ring in terms of title aspirations?

DC: On the back of the draws against United, Spurs, PSG as well as the 0-0 against Boro, I think we would hear a lot of boos at the Emirates if they fail to win against Bournemouth. Alarm bells are already tingling, despite being unbeaten in our last 18. We just haven’t been playing well at all.

CC: Arsenal have drawn against Spurs and Man Utd and beaten Chelsea, so you've done okay against the others in the top six, but do you think the Premier League is stronger this season and that Arsenal can slip up against anyone?

DC: Arsenal can always slip up against anyone, regardless of what else is happening around them.

CC: What have you thought of Bournemouth's start to the season?

DC: Bournemouth have done very well so far this season and from what little I have seen have been unlucky not to be at least a few points better off. You’re in tenth place with a slow and steady build. You have to be delighted with that.

CC: How do you think Arsenal will line up against AFCB?

DC: Cech – Jenkinson, Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal – Coquelin (though I wish he’d start Xhaka), Ramsey – Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez – Giroud.

CC: Thanks for the comments Lee. It's nice to hear some Arsenal fans who haven't already been eyeing up Eddie Howe as their next manager. The level of depression among fans at Arsenal always surprises me though as most of us would be thrilled to finish in the top four. The ceiling is much higher though for the Gunners and I'm not totally sure their Board wants the same as their fans. Meanwhile, the Daily Cannon is discussing the possibility of Ozil leaving London and Arsene Wenger is still trying to work out what his team is lacking - hop over to the Daily Cannon to read more on these stories and lots more.

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