Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Why have AFCB not won away yet?

It's an obvious question to ask, why haven't AFCB won away in the five games they have had on the road? The Man City away game aside, I'd guess that even Eddie Howe would have expected to pick up a few more points in the other four games than the two points at Crystal Palace and Watford. Still, he has a few weeks to come up with a better plan.

Simon Francis spoke after the Middlesbrough match at his surprise that the side had fared poorly away from home this season as almost an exact reverse of last season. You can say that it's football, but I reckon the team is more attacking and thus more open when it has played away this season. They went for the win at West Ham and got caught out right at the end and while they took the game to Palace and Watford, they couldn't put two good halves together. The Middlesbrough defeat was a bigger set back for Eddie Howe though, as it was a game that the side went into with great confidence. AFCB may have got ahead of themselves.
Simon Francis is still hoping to lead the side to an away day win.
They simply haven't won away yet and if they had they would have been even closer to the top six in the table. Solve this problem though and Eddie Howe will be a very satisfied man indeed. The goals against away from home only make eight and four of those came in the Man City game. So it is probably just a bit of tinkering that needs to be done. AFCB are close to making away contests closer, but they have not kept a clean sheet away from home yet.

That said, I'd argue that the defeat at Middlesbrough was AFCB's the most disappointing so far this season, not just for the result, but what it has done for the team's momentum. The confusion and uncertainty in away games must be resolved quickly. Whether that means a more relaxed or intense build up for the next away match, only Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall can decide what is likely to work best. They will find some answers, but the players have to see it in themselves that they will score and play well in away games if they are to achieve that - dream it - believe it - would be my advice to the players.

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  1. Maybe the obvious thing to do is make some changes to the team...how many chances do they get...it seems that Ibe is having issues...so maybe bring in Ake as a defensive midfielder...and if we are not going to play him then let him go back to Chelsea...we took him on loan so he could play..as he did 28 odd times for Watford last season....I doubt whether any of this will happen