Friday, 11 November 2016

Jack Wilshere needs a good game for England mainly for himself

It is easy for fans to get on the back of players when we just see them for 90 minutes on a Saturday and expect them to be great. Many things can go wrong though even before they take to the field and when a player like Jack Wilshere has had a long time out of the game and now has a chance to rebuild his international career, I just hope he does well for himself.
It could be a big night for Jack against the Scots.

Wilshere does not have to prove anything to England fans, the manager or Arsene Wenger come today's game against Scotland. We know he has the talent and the ability to be the star man on the pitch. It is Jack's own self that he needs to please. If he feels satisfied with his own performance he will view the England experience as a positive step forward to getting back to where he wants to be, and for AFCB it will be a massive benefit if he comes back having felt that he has made a major impact in England's World Cup Qualifying campaign.
How Gareth Southgate sets up the team and whether he decides to play Jack is something that the papers will enjoy filling their column inches with, but I am interested simply in hopefully seeing him play some part in the game. I still think he has another level to get to with AFCB, but with no disrespect to the players at AFCB, the international stage is a higher level and Jack will want to test himself. It should be good to see if he slots into an England side and gets as much time on the ball as he he gets with AFCB, and if the extra sharpness of an intense match against the Scots can fire Jack up to give his best.

While some have moaned that Jack needs protecting and perhaps should not yet play for England, it is Jack's decision if he wants to offer his services for his country and he needs to focus on what he can bring to the team. I'm sure the papers will be talking about Jack after Friday night, but I'd just like to see some positives for Jack at the end of the night.

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