Friday, 25 November 2016

AFCB have to approach Arsenal game with a strong mindset

Playing at the Emirates Stadium may be one of the hardest grounds for the Cherries to go to this season and while the team has finally got a win away from home, this will not be a game that AFCB can go into without a good plan. Arsenal will pick and prod and try to examine AFCB's defence with some intent and the last 15 minute syndrome that we have seen against Stoke City of just trying to hold out is not going to be the way AFCB will won't to approach this one for 90 minutes.

Middlesbrough tried to do that against Arsenal and found themselves under a real barrage in the first half at the Emirates, but somehow they stayed in the game, and even could have beaten Arsenal. That will give some hope to Eddie Howe that his side can do equally as well if not better. Having played a strong physical side like Stoke away from home it is probably set up as a good contest to on Arsenal now who themselves will want to get back to winning ways. That might just be the helping hand AFCB need to get in behind them if they underestimate AFCB on the break.
The Emirates stadium will be packed with AFCB fans for an early kick off.
Arsenal are very good at building up pressure with corners and keeping the ball to pull players out of position, but AFCB have to play with attention to detail. There is probably going to be a change in the way Howe looks at this game, as I don't see AFCB keeping the ball as much as Arsenal, so they will have to adapt and find ways of pressing Arsenal in their own half when they can, while being organised themselves at the back. One way that Bournemouth might find they can get at Arsenal is to win free kicks around their box, as with Junior Stanislas back in the team he will fancy his chances of at least hitting the target from 20-25 yards.
We know Arsenal are resilient as they came back against Man Utd right at the death so even if AFCB do get an early goal it could become another Alamo. The test for AFCB's players is not to let the fact that they are playing Arsenal get to them. I don't want to see them stand off and not challenge for the ball. They have to have a mindset that is built around making life really difficult for whatever Arsenal player is on the ball. It's time for AFCB's players to believe that they are a top half side and that they can hurt these top teams. 

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