Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Callum gets back on the score sheet

A fan behind me in the crowd at the Emirates was asking "who's going to take it? Who will take the penalty?" when Callum Wilson had gone down in the box. Junior Stanislas had taken the previous penalty that AFCB had been awarded against Hull City and then he had rifled the ball right down the middle and just under the bar. It wasn't mad to think that Junior would take the spot kick this time and yet there was no debate, it was Callum who took the responsibility.

Callum takes the outright lead in the AFCB goal scorers chart.
It was a good idea to change the penalty taker as Petr Cech surely studies them and would have had a mental note of what Junior did against Hull City, but had he any idea where Wilson would put his kick? The result of him diving the wrong way would suggest he had no idea and maybe it is a good tactic for AFCB to keep changing their penalty takers if there are so many who feel confident at taking them. 

For Callum Wilson, a goal is a goal. He won't mind that this one came from 12 yards and had he not been prevented from shooting moments earlier he might well have scored in open play. The strikers all want to be top of the goal chart though and Callum now has four goals that puts him on top. It may not mean anything to Eddie Howe or Jason Tindall, but Callum won't want anyone to be doubting that he is the man to rely on when a smart finish is required. Just hitting the back of the net helps strikers to feel they are doing okay and already looking for the next one. To be honest I'd rather have the strikers taking the spot kicks for that very reason.
The penalties AFCB have received might have been higer in number this season. Having missed out on one at Stoke they probably missed out on another at Arsenal. Referees seem reluctant to give a side more than one penalty in a game, and yet they should call a foul a foul and just because it is in the box does not mean that they have to refrain from such decisions once they have already awarded a penalty. If Callum steps forward for the next spot kick, I only hope he hits it well and takes it, having in mind all those penalties he was not awarded, if it gives him that extra edge to bury it with authority, like he did against Petr Cech.

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