Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wilshere has to sit and watch now

I'd like to be sat next to Jack Wilshere for the game against Arsenal. While he will be able to pass on to Eddie Howe anything that might help AFCB in this game, he won't be able to play and that in itself will mean a change in the line up for AFCB. Still, what will be going through Jack's head? Will he be hoping for a draw or is his allegiance to Wenger now totally spent? 
I am not sure what will be going through Jack Wilshere's mind on Sunday,
but he should be one of the most relaxed people in the ground.  
Jack would probably have liked to play against his parent team, but Arsenal fans would never have liked that and contractually he can't any way. But who knows what will happen next season and if Wilshere still wants to be at Arsenal? I guess games like this will put questions through his head about where he wants to be next season, and while he has said very nice things about AFCB and his team-mates on the south coast, realistically it is unlikely that AFCB could fight for his long term signature with the likes of AC Milan sniffing around.

Whether the Wilshere experiment is seen as a good factor or as a one-off that didn't really come off will only be something that fans can assess at the end of the season. His inclusion means there is one less midfield place for perhaps Emerson Hynman to have grabbed a few games, but by being around Jack also can share his experience with players like Hyndman who have not yet experienced the kind of games that Jack has been in. 

Against Arsenal the cameras will surely be tuned into see Jack's face, whenever there is a goal to see, if there is a reaction and I suspect he will be wary of showing to much emotion if he is in the stands. He will know that Arsenal are the big favourites though and being in the underdog's camp at the moment, I wouldn't be surprised if he puts a little smile on if AFCB can get the better of the Gunners.

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