Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Callum Wilson needs to get more involved in games

AFCB need to get Callum on the ball more in and around the box. 
The face of Callum Wilson on 60 minutes of the Middlesbrough game said a lot without him uttering a word. He seemed puzzled why he was being subbed and yet I don't even remember him touching the ball for much of the 15 minutes he had in the second half.

While it is important to have a great finisher on the pitch, it is almost a wasted position if that person is not getting the ball often enough to feel they are contributing to the side. I think Callum made runs and tried to offer himself as a platform for attacks, but not a lot of moves went through him and when players like Smith and Daniels got round the back, Callum did not manage to grab a yard on his centre halves to get that golden moment when he might have scored. It is important that AFCB get Callum into those danger areas to receive the ball there more often than they managed against Middlesbrough.

It is not a one off though. Wilson has been feeding off of crumbs for some time. His header against Hull City was a late goal in the game, and he was just delighted to have finally got a chance to put away. It would have been questions all round if he had not scored that day I guess in a 6-1 win. That he did from header, after a cross from Adam Smith was considered okay, especially following a goal against Watford the week before. But the side is not creating lots of chances for Callum. If he is lucky he gets one or two opportunities a match at the moment and that is asking a lot for a striker to convert one in every one or two half chances he gets.
The confidence will also slip if he is not getting on the ball. Even if more moves are going through him, it will help during games to give him the odd touch with his back to the goal and let him be part of the build up, rather than expecting him to look at being on the half turn to make the golden run on goal every time. It can become predictable for central defenders marking him. Sometimes he should come short and mix it up a bit. He manages this in a lot of the home games, but in away matches he becomes isolated very quickly. I want to see Callum more involved, but I don't think it is necessarily his fault.

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