Monday, 24 July 2017

A fitter and better Lys Mousset?

There was quite a bit of excitement last season when AFCB announced the new signing of Lys Mousset. He had been scoring a tonne of goals for Le Harve and was a prospect that looked fresh and a bit unpredictable, well at least certainly something different from anything else at AFCB. But it hasn't really taken off for Mousset yet at Bournemouth, until his last outing at Portsmouth, when he looked the part as a hard working and energetic striker.
Lys Mousset is aiming for more football in 2017-18.
I wonder if the form of Josh King has give Lys Mousset a style of play he can now adopt himself. The young Frenchman has the physique to be a quick, bustling attacker and he now seems to know where he needs to get to, if he is to challenge for a place in the team.

Eddie Howe said that Lys was looking much better now, and that he had been unfit last season. This came as a bit of a surprise to me, but perhaps having seen how lively he was in the Portsmouth match, fans can see there is more to come from Mousset.

While the competition gets no easier for Lys with an international striker like Jermain Defoe joining the Cherries, it is important that he doesn't get downhearted and makes the most of any appearances he might get. He has done that of late but he must carry it on. I like the way he is always looking to shoot and is quite a selfish player when he sees the goal.

Surprisingly Mousset has made as many as 11 appearances for the Cherries in the Premier League, but they all add up to just 265 minutes. It's been five minutes here and there in games and he has not managed to hold down a place as a first striker sub yet. That should be something that Lys can target this season, and if he does get there he will get more than a few minutes at the end of games.

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