Wednesday, 5 July 2017

It's great to see Callum Wilson getting fitter every day

The summer will pass by quickly for AFCB's players, but it will go really fast for Callum Wilson who will be counting the days until the new season and how soon he can be on the pitch with the other players. Having had a second cruciate ligament injury in a successive season, the game has not been at all kind to Callum. But he appeared full of smiles in his 1st July workout with the other players in AFCB's gym.

Callum is racing to get in shape for the new season.
We may have to wait a little while into the new season to see Wilson find his way back to playing, but he will have a lot more knowledge about how to come back after what has happened to him before. He still has to pace himself and not over exert the strain on his ligament but all being well he will be a crucial part of AFCB going forward. If there is a player who may yet make a bigger impact than he has already at the club it is Callum. He is a natural goalscorer and in the past we have seen he only needs to get on a run and feel good about himself to be the main focus of attention.

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He should benefit from having Jermain Defoe at the club and will know doubt quiz him about playing for England, as I still believe Callum will achieve that ambition in his career. I am hoping that he also does that while being a Bournemouth player. Like Defoe he will know it is a World Cup year at the end of next season and a number of AFCB's players could be involved in the competition if they do well next season.

Callum will have to score goals from day one when he gets back. It is not going to be easy and the pressure just to get in the side will be huge. Still, Callum is not on to be shy of a challenge, and I have a strong feeling that he will score double figures in the goal column next season for the Cherries.

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  1. I find it hard to believe he'll be back and be as good as he was, I hope , I really hope that I'm wrong but two cruciate ligaments in one career???????

    1. I am sorry to say, I agree. He never really got back to his best last season, before it happened again. It would be a miracle if he can do it, and I really hope he does. He deserves some luck!

  2. Can't compare the injuries. Different knees. Nothing but terrible luck. When he came back from the first injury he didn't look as sharp but his pace was there. So give him time to hone the skills we know he has and I'm sure he'll be back to his best.