Friday, 14 July 2017

Kings Park - to remain AFCB's home

While the athletics stadium in Kings Park had often been mentioned in passing as a potential site for the new AFCB ground, I had believed that the council would not want to lose the athletics stadium. I wouldn't expect the new football stadium plans to include an athletics track, but would imagine a lot of locals will want to know where a new athletics track would be built if AFCB's plans are accepted.

Dean Court may only move a short distance. 
The potential location of the new stadium has been well hidden from public discussion until now and the club's statement gives fresh hope that things are moving to a successful conclusion. While Kings Park is a happy historical solution, it does beg the question of transport access and parking, so it will be very intriguing to see what proposals are made and how better access to and from the ground can be made.

The date of 2020 is still on as long as planning goes smoothly and construction can start soon, but the solution would allow games to continue at Dean Curt up to when the new stadium is built. It also enables AFCB to keep the training pitches which have been a substantial outlay, so that is another bonus. I'd expect some of the shops and businesses in Boscombe and Springbourne might also be happier they can make plans knowing where the ground is likely to be.

I'm sure that AFCB will do their best to paint the positives, but there will be lots of negotiations yet. The best news is that the club is making progress. What ever solution is made, it won't please everyone. But it is great to hear that the council want to support the club and recognise how important it is for the town and its economy.

AFCB's full press release on the new stadium announcement.

In other News Harry Arter also signs a four-year contract extension.

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You were quick to have your say on the new stadium proposals, too.

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