Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Goal keeping call could be the closest Howe has to make this summer

There is not going to be a lot to choose between Asmir Begovic and Artur Boruc for the goalkeeper position at AFCB. Asmir already looks very relaxed and has the experience to rival Boruc all the way. While Begovic has not been seeing a lot of league action at Chelsea, I don't see it being long before he hits the levels that Boruc was setting last season.
Boruc will be really tested for his number one spot.
The keepers keep themselves in a tight group for most of the training sessions and will be assessing each other as the days in Marbella go by. The intensity of the competition will only get stiffer as pre-season progresses, but most important of all – AFCB will be hoping for no injuries.

Last season both Federici and Boruc missed games because of injuries, and I think the goal keeping position is the one area where it has a very big affect on the whole team when a change as to be made. While the players train with all the keepers, it is not the same come match day and I am hoping that Begovic can not only bring some more confidence to the back four but also encourage Boruc to be more assertive as well in his game.

I think it is asking a lot for Federici to come back after his operation and start rivalling Boruc and Begovic straight away, and Allsop still has much to learn to make himself an assured Premier League keeper.

I do hope that whoever does end up on the bench for the first few games still keeps their belief that they are the best keeper. We know how soon things can change and a new keeper is needed. But with the addition of Begovic, I expect the goalkeeping to be a level up on what we saw last season and that can't be a bad thing when Boruc won the fans' player of the year award.

I can say Begovic might also improve his golf while he is at AFCB, as SkySports recently noted.

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