Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Tyrone Mings has key season ahead of him

Central defence is being bolstered with the signing of Natahn Aké, but the emergence of Tyrone Mings at the Manchester United away game as an uncompromising defender is one of the signposts from last season that fans will long remember. Mings received a five match ban for his alleged stamp on Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but the more promising thing that we saw from AFCB fans' point of view was a defender who wasn't going to be bullied by a world class striker.
Tyrone sets his sights on more games for AFCB.
Tyrone is still waiting to kick start his Bournemouth career, having made just six appearances since his signing from Ipswich in 2015. Injuries and match bans have meant Mings has not yet established himself in the team and there is a battle on his hands to push out other players who remain ahead of him, buit Mings will endure and may find he can get to double figures in games this next season. That may be helped by a good cup run and how the team is set up in some games as there are enough centre-back to really consider playing three at the back in some games now.

Rather than be worried about the competition though, Mings will enjoy it and will seek to come out on top. His lopping style and quick thinking may yet prove an irresistible element that Howe wants to add to the team at some point during the season, and if Mings can stay injury-free and train hard, he will know that Howe will give him a go to fulfil his ambitions at AFCB.
I see Mings playing best with Steve Cook. The two seem to compliment each other well and Cook is an ever-present cog in AFCB's defence. Who knows what Howe is going to do in some of the pre-season games this summer. I would like to see whether Mings and Aké might make a good pairing for one of the games and perhaps we will see a three-man defence in one of the games. The players will have a call on what they feel happiest with, but the signings that are coming in are providing Howe with more options which is no bad thing.

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