Saturday, 22 July 2017

Does having Defoe take the pressure off of King?

The signing of Jermain Defoe was said to be a significant moment by Eddie Howe. Defoe has years of Premier League experience and has scored 158 times in the top division. By bringing him in, AFCB know they have a player that is capable of 20-goals in a season and that should be used to take some of the workload off the shoulders in Josh King, who has to try and repeat what he did lasts season.
King will be able to focus on his game more knowing that
he has another top striker alongside him to share the goal scoring.
Josh King has always stated his desire to remain at AFCB and learn more from Eddie Howe and by staying at the club he is going to have a first-grade striker to watch and study in Jermain Defoe. Defoe is a natural finisher and has never worried too greatly about any spell when he hasn't been scoring. In most cases it has only happened when he has not been getting the ball, but at AFCB he should see plenty of it as AFCB move the ball through the phases and up to the last third.


I remember how Spurs fans used to moan that Defoe was not getting long enough and that when he did get full games he tended to score more often than not. What I like about Defoe though is that he doesn't rest at one goal if he can get more in a game. Josh King has to find that kind of streak as well, although he already got his Premier League hat-trick last season against West Ham, as the Daily Telegraph recalls.

Defoe will hopefully look to get his name at the top of the goalscoring this summer as well and we could see a bit of competition in the friendlies to see who the sharpest striker is.

Having Defoe around though should be a big help to King when the pressure of games not going the way he wold have hoped come around. Defoe will have been through that many times before and for Josh it could be the extra help he needs to get him up to those 20 goals he will surely now aim for.

Enjoy today's game - UTCIAD!

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