Wednesday, 6 May 2020

60 minute games could see AFCB safe

I had to read a Daily Mail article a couple of times just to make sure it wasn't April Fools Day, but the PFA's Chief Executive Gordon Taylor says there is a proposal that the remaining games of the Premier League season be held over 60 minutes rather than 90. This would also affect the current standings so, while Liverpool would still be way ahead, past games would be judged on score lines after 60 minutes and it would mean some drastic changes in league positions.
Time could be cut short on future games and even those that have already been played.
You can see the altered league table on the Daily Mail's site. The amazing fact for Bournemouth fans is that we would suddenly see the side in mid-table, in 14th, on 32 points, six points above the relegation zone and with a much better chance of survival. But crazily the bottom three would consist of Wolves, who would see 17 points knocked off of their total.

While it is hard to come up with any fair solution, I find it hard to readjust the current standings based on matches that have already been played, having changed score lines. While there will be winners and losers whatever solution the authorities come up with, the hard fact that games have been played already, surely can't be altered or adjusted. 

I wonder if it is just easier for the top six to play out a competition to see which three are relegated and the top six play off to see the top six places - that wouldn't please Sheffield Utd or Liverpool I suppose, but it would be vastly kinder to Wolves. The Championship sides and league One and Two could also have their usual play-offs based on the current table positions, but also do it with their bottom six sides for relegation.

While the suggestions will keep coming, it just underlines to me at the moment that it is a conundrum that can't be solved fairly. It is idealistic to play out the rest of the season, that boat is probably starting to set sail. Something else either has to take its place to fit things in the time left, or the authorities need to think more about next season and writing this one off, which I still believe is the best solution.

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