Wednesday, 13 May 2020

The Saints have shown more character than the Cherries this season

Looking at the Cherries' 'repicked' game this week, it is great that our fans finally have a game to truly enjoy, as it has been a long time in coming to beat the Saints at their own ground. St Mary's simply hasn't been a happy hunting ground until this season, but one look at the current table shows that the Saints have shown much more resolve than AFCB to get out of trouble in 2019/20.
AFCB visits to St Mary's haven't been that successful over the years.
While Ralph HasenhΓΌttl looked like he was living on borrowed time back in October when Leicester gave them a  0-9 thumping at St Mary's, he has got them to near enough safety barring a catastrophic change in fortune now, which seems highly unlikely. Bournemouth meanwhile have been drifting slowing towards the bottom of the table and unable to seemingly stop the gradual decline.

Things were so different in September 2019, when Bournemouth enjoyed a 1-3 win over Southampton and the season looked like it was on course for being a good one for AFCB. Many mistakes were made after that game and the inconsistency in front of goal, and the failure to keep hardly any clean sheets, took away the early pleasure of wins against Everton and Southampton.  
What is worse is the next time we play Southampton could be the last one for. a while. The game that we have left in the current season is also unlikely to take place at home. That game would perhaps be played at Brighton's ground, as a neutral venue, behind closed doors, but it would not feel very advantageous to play there. So enjoy the re-run of this season's great win at Southampton and remember we will have good days again, even if Saints fans have more to be pleased about this season.

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In other news, the Cherries repicked win at Southampton is being shown at 7.30pm tonight on AFCB's YouTube channel.

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