Thursday, 7 May 2020

Gosling is set on AFCB for rest of career

Bournemouth's midfield goal-getter, Dan Gosling has broken his silence on his club preference to the end of his career - he wants to stay at AFC Bournemouth. He told Sky Sports that he has a child who is starting school in September and has no plans to be moving on. I think it is great to hear that Gosling will be part of the Cherries for some time going forward which could be really important if the Cherries don't keep their Premier league status.
Gosling has no plans to leave AFCB.
Gosling is 30 and still probably has a few years left in him at the top of the game. He has the heart and experience to be a solid midfielder, if Bournemouth do start to see the likes of Jefferson Lerma move on after an unsuccessful relegation struggle. Let's hope that is not what happens, but Bournemouth will need players who know what it was like to win promotion and to try and get them back there, if they do face the drop.

Many of the big names could move on and it will be important for Eddie Howe to secure a few names who can put in the graft and value what a trip AFCB fans have been on in the last few years. Gosling can still rival Lerma and Billing for a starting place, as I remarked in my post of 20 April and 23 April.

While Gosling seems to be missing the relationships he has with the rest of the squad, he seems confident that the Cherries can stay in the Premier League. It will be harder for players such as Gosling, who won promotion with the club, to see it fall and he would be one of the players I'd like to see playing in some of the remaining games, as he will put his heart and sole into it. I'd like to think all the others will as well, but when the club means so much to players like Gosling, those are the players that I think Howe should be picking for some of the most important games in the club's history.

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