Sunday, 3 May 2020

Aké admits you need self-motivation in self-isolation

It looks like Nathan Aké is missing his team-mates in self-isolation. Perhaps we take for granted how close some of the players are when they see each other usually in the changing room fairly frequently, as well as training, and just hanging out with each other. While being given personal fitness programmes from the club, it's the comradery that gives teams that buzz of adrenaline and excitement, and without that it is not wonder the players might feel a bit flat.
Ake's finders may be getting more of a workout than his feet.
We see from the AFCBTV that Aké has taken up piano playing. I can share a lot of his excitement and eagerness to get on the black and white keys, as I have started to learn myself during the lockdown. While footballers might be good with their feet, dexterity in the fingers takes just as much practise.


If AFCB don't get a pianist out of the lockdown, perhaps they will have a player who has improved his mental aptitude, because playing the piano really taxes the mind - there is a lot to learn. I should think Nathan is pretty good at picking up things quickly like a sponge, as Eddie Howe will expect him to do that in training, and I can imagine he doesn't take to kindly to players that don't pay full attention when he is setting out a training drill.

The training field may be empty at the moment, but it is good that AFCB are able to give us all a bit of insight into how some of the players are coping during this period. Being productive is going to be a big help when it comes to going back to football. We need the players to feel fresh, and to have constantly been challenging themselves, which should keep them well prepared for the challenges that will be coming on the football pitch.


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