Tuesday, 5 May 2020

David Brooks would be the highlight of a Premier League resumption

I am biased of course. But Bournemouth fans have been deprived of the services and skills of David Brooks for far too long, and if the league did restart this summer ,and even if Bournemouth were relegated, I would be one of perhaps a fair few fans hat will have at least been pleased to see our Welsh winger hopefully back in action - and of course, even seeing him may only be possible on an online stream.
This is the man we should be pleased to see return.
We have not seen David Brooks since the pre-season friendly with Brentford at Griffin Park on 27 July 2019. it is almost a year and I wonder just how many goals David would have scored in that time, if he had been available. He has had a worthy deputy in Harry Wilson, but there is something majestic about David Brooks playing and AFCB fans need to see him develop.

The goals are a valuable part of his game, but it is the link up play that I think AFCB have missed the most. He can ride tackles and get a final pass away, and with players with skills like for AFCB are a rare breed. Fraser has seen that part of his game dry up and Stanislas and Danjuma have not made  many more appearances than Brooks. It is David that Eddie Howe hopefully needs back to make a difference to the team.

While I am not overly confident that AFCB will avoid relegation, wth David Brooks on top form they do have a better chance of survival. If Brooks can just show that he is the intelligent player that we have seen in his first season at AFCB, Bournemouth will see that they have more attacking verve in the last third. I don't want to put pressure on Brooks and I think Eddie Howe will also play down his return to some extent, but the manager will know more than most that, a top-firing David Brooks will light up the Premier League, and that will improve Bournemouth's hopes of staying there.


While some fans still seem more in wonder about where Ryan Fraser is going this summer. They need to look forward now, and if Fraser is not the future, the club has to make sure that David Brooks is.

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