Thursday, 14 May 2020

Dean Court may yet host some more games this season

The Premier League looks like it will have to admit defeat over its insistence of playing out the remainder of the season at neutral ground. Talks between the police, the Premier League and the government have resulted in more positive assurances that games can be played behind closed doors at all of the 20 Premier League grounds, reported TalkSport, if 'Project Restart' gets up and running.
Neutral venue idea expected to be to be scrapped.
The neutral venue concept had threatened to cause a big split among the 20 teams and could have resulted in the end of any chance to get football back this season. Now there is a plan in place which at least appeases the bottom clubs. How much it will help them I am not sure, as even playing at home without any crowd atmosphere is going to be quite strange for any team.

I still think there is a long way to go before clubs give the thumps up to 'Project Restart'. The medical reports still have to be digested and while training will not have any tackling, the game will have to see tackling in matches and that needs no fear from players. Wearing masks and shorter games are novel ideas, but just not appropriate for football and any further moves away from the game, as we know, it is likely to be met with resistance.

Things will really start moving next week when all Premier League clubs are due to start training again. This week they really have to get the social distance around venues sorted and come up with some rules that are easy for the players and staff to follow. It is just one hurdle at a time, but in many respects it will just be a relief to get rid of this season now.


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