Sunday, 17 May 2020

Training has to be inspiring for Cherries

Well the football players are heading back to training before the schools will be opening their doors for reception, year one and six as well as key workers' children at the start of June restart. Things might not be ideal, but they are happening and pushing forward. AFCB players have to find training inspiring and fun, and it is probably going to be harder than ever to find some the right training programmes to get players up to speed in just a month.
Back together but there will be social distancing.
While Eddie Howe and Jason Tindall will have to treat this like a small preseason, it will be Dan Hodges who will have the most to do next week, I would think, in checking just how fit the players are individually, and who has more work to do over the coming month. It will be good to see a big squad training, even if they are doing it while self-isolating. The addition of players like Chris Mepham and David Brooks should at least please Eddie Howe, who will have a bigger selection issue than he has had for some time.

Fitness will no doubt be the key word next week. The speed and touch for players will soon need to follow though. While the players are used to playing together it will be quite a reality check when they realise they can't do what they perhaps took for granted in the past.

The goalkeepers are probably going to get to see a lot of action as at least players can take turns in shooting from distance. It will be good for Ramsdale and company to get back measuring their distances between the sticks and getting used to catching again, even if they won't see a crowded penalty box. The players may well have a bit more force and accuracy behind their shots than Aaron's father, bless him. The main thing is that the players will come together in a field and will be able to communicate with Eddie Howe getting his central message ahead for the coming month. Preparation has to be exceptional now. There is a small window to get things set up right. Before we know it the games will come thick and fast. There won't be many second chances now, every point will be vital.


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