Saturday, 16 May 2020

Bundesliga will set the pace for football's return

While the Premier League still has some squabbles to sort out, the Bundesliga in Germany is firing up its resumption this weekend. Bayern Munich are likely to wrap up another title, but at the bottom it is a fight for survival for Paderborn, Werder Bremen and DΓΌsseldorf. UK fans might not have a favourite football team in Germany, but  there will probably be quite a few of us logging on to see just how close to normal these games are.

Will the Bundesliga's return be successful and lead to the resumption of football in England?
The good point for the bottom teams is that they are getting the chance to try and play their way out of trouble, and that is all we can hope for AFCB. To be relegated without kicking another ball would be awful and whether the authorities looked at points per game or the table half way through the season, there will not be any satisfaction in how the big issues are settled.

Playing behind closed doors is not going to be particularly exciting for the players but may well remind them of their earlier school or college days, when their matches were perhaps less well supported. It's funny that school children and teenagers have no less enthusiasm for the game when they play and are not shouted on from the sidelines. Getting back to just enjoying football for the game is why this weekend will be well appreciated, not only in Germany, but over most parts of the world that can get to see the games.
It may help the Premier League and Government here look all the more strenuously to get 'Project Restart' finalised. But for Bournemouth watching on TV is going to be just a prelude to the resolution of training, which is due to return next week, although training with no tackling and social isolating is going to be more than a little strange for our AFCB heroes. At least we should see a few new images of the players and hopefully they have a few things to smile about, as they build up to the potential games that are going to decide their Premier League fate in 2019-20.


In other news, Cherry Chimes contributed to the Daily Mail's Fans' view on 'Project Restart' this week.

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