Friday, 15 May 2020

Bournemouth's concentration needs to be fully on relegation scrap

While we come closer to the possibility of matches resuming, Bournemouth players need to get themselves out of the bubble of thinking about what has been happening in regards to COVID-19 and fully concentrated on the task ahead. It seemed in February and March that the Cherries were building some momentum and were up for the challenge of staving off relegation, despite being in the bottom three now. They played well against Chelsea at home and nearly got a reward at Anfield. But now they have no match form and have to get points on the board as quickly as they can.

Success will depend on how ready AFCB are for the restart.
The first game is going to be massive for AFCB. I am not sure if the league will pick up from where to was originally going in the fixtures, but if so it will be Crystal Palace next at home in front of an empty stadium. At one point it was going to be Wolves away, but whoever it is going to be Eddie Howe will have had time to go over notes on all the remaining nine teams that Bournemouth have to play.


If Bournemouth can get three points from that first game they will more than likely escape the clutches of the bottom three at least for a week. That would turn things around a lot in peoples' minds and it is the positivity that AFCB need to get some immediate belief back into their campaign. While a defeat wouldn't necessarily be all doom and gloom, it would just make things all the more harder and the pressure would continue to build on the players.


Getting away from distractions is going to be harder than ever though with so many safety rules and procedures that will be added to the match preparations. That is why it will be vital that AFCB have given their players a clear idea of everything that will happen before they play. If they have that out of the way, they can then commit fully to the game. AFCB should forget about what they can't have an influence on, in wondering whether 'Project Restart' happens or not, and prepare for it expecting to happen. They will then be in the best position to attack those nine games rather than being surprised and unprepared.

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