Monday, 24 March 2014

A strong group mentality is carrying the Cherries forward

Eddie Howe mentioned it in his after match interview on Saturday that the group's mentality had been tested following the Charlton defeat and that they were at a real low point after that game. Barnsley was a test to see if they could come back from such a nasty, late minute goal in the next game. Questions were asked as Eddie points out and the Bournemouth players were able to deliver again.
A strong mentality is helping the group.
It has been a factor during most of this season that AFCB's mental strength has been very key to their belief and performances. Only recently after the Middlesbrough game I believe, Eddie remarked on how mentally he was pleased that the players were "in a good place". That thought process has helped AFCB record five clean sheets in their last six games, while they only managed one before that all season. 

It's no wonder then that Elliott Ward and Adam Smith are not finding it easy to break into the team. The defenders have really been the stars of the show for the last six games and it has perhaps not been heralded enough. The clean sheets are a massive factor in Bournemouth's climb up the table. Stopping shots from going in has bred confidence in the team. Steve Cook was disappointed that the team had not gone through March undefeated and the Charlton match was a really painful defeat. To come back from that though in a tough game away at Barnsley is a terrific boost again for the players and they will need that strong mental character against Leeds on Tuesday.  UTCIAD!

There is another All Departments' podcast that was released last night on the 0-1 win at Barnsley. Visit All Departments' website or listen on this blog by scrolling down to the All Departmnets' sound bar.

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