Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hat-trick Yann is already the Cherry on top

AFCB fans probably don't care too much who gets the goals as long as someone starts hitting the back regularly. You can't help but smile though at what Yann Kermorgant has achieved in his first start at Dean Court. If you asked him what he dreamt about on Friday night I don't think it would have been a much better dream than what we saw played out on Saturday against a bewildered Doncaster Rovers.
Quality is what Eddie wanted to bring in during January and
Yann has certainly added to the strength of the squad. 
Many fans of the Cherries have said all season that the team was crying out for someone who could head the ball well. Guess what, AFCB now have such a player. And not just a player that is good with his heading ability. Yann is showing many other qualities as well. Take away his goals on Saturday and just think about his overall game for a moment. He linked up superbly well with Surman, Grabban and Fraser in particular and he is at ease with his back to goal or facing it and waiting for a chance.

While his overhead kicks may still need a bit of work you couldn't really say that anything didn't come off for Yann on the day. His first goal was not only a matter of being in the right place at the right time but having the confidence to direct the cross into the goal without a moments though which caught out Johnstone in goal. His second finish was more majestic in out leaping the defenders and it was a strike that gave Bournemouth breathing space. Towering headers are simply something we have not seen much of since the days of Super Fletch. When the chance came for Yann's third goal I could not see him doing anything but burying it and he did.
Yann at the start of his hat-trick day.
Confidence is a weird thing but he will surely be buzzing all week now. The thrill of scoring three goals in a game at any stage of your career must be special but to do it for a new team where you are desperate to try and fit in quickly is even more amazing for him, and I am sure the match against Doncaster will already rank as one of his most popular days in his career. Yann you have taken to us and we have certainly taken to you. Yann is the man or to be more accurate, he is the Cherry on top for Eddie Howe and his team! 

How fitting it is for an AFCB player to score a hat-trick this week when all the talk has been about the 10 year anniversary of James Hayter's fastest ever hat-trick against Wrexham.

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