Monday, 24 March 2014

This will be a massive game coming up for Ian Harte

Ian Harte is rightly a legend among Leeds Utd fans. There are countless times when I used to turn on the TV only to see a special Ian Harte free kick that whizzed into the back of the net for his beloved Leeds Utd. To do it against some of the best sides in Europe as well is a reminder of the player Ian Harte has been and it is just fantastic that he has come to Bournemouth and shown us that he can still hack it in the Championship. Tomorrow night will be special for Ian Harte - I hope both teams clap him off the pitch at the end of the game because he is a great servant to the game.
Ian Harte is put through his paces by Brett Pitman.
I can't say that Ian Harte would be everyone's favourite player. He has always been a hard man on the pitch who will leave nothing behind when he makes a tackle. It may be that his face was synonymous with the hard image of Leeds Utd during some of their best years in the not so distant past. Now that he wears a Cherries shirt he can still have a moan with the referee and if he has mellowed a bit over the years he still wants to win as much as he ever did.

Between 1994 and 2004 Ian played some 213 games for Leeds Utd and yet since then he has gone on to play for Levant, Sunderland, Blackpool, Carlisle, Reading and now Bournemouth. What a career he has had and I am not sure if he knew that he would play as well as he has been able to for the Cherries. There is still one thing missing though - one of his signature goals! If he was to do that against Leeds Utd it would not surprise me if the Leeds fans actually applauded him. But I don't expect too many favours from a Leeds team that will be looking to jump ahead of AFCB in the table.
Ian Harte is a guy you want on your side.
If Ian can keep fit and have a good end to the season I am hoping that Eddie Howe will see what Ian thinks about another season. While a younger player and more dynamic left back may be looked for over the summer you know what you are getting with Ian Harte - full commitment, great delivery and unrivalled experience. 

If AFCB win a penalty on Tuesday night though, please let Grabban take it. I am not sure I could watch if Ian wanted to take it.

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