Sunday, 9 March 2014

Elphick is the shield in AFCB's defence

AFCB recorded back-to-back clean sheets as well as back-to-back wins on Saturday. It is just as vital that the habit of making a shut out is being taken as seriously as scoring at the other end. Tommy Elphick was commonly considered to be AFCB man of the match against Blackpool which indicates that Bournemouth had to be at their best defensively. There was certainly a crunching tackle he put in towards the end of the first half that had everyone yelling his name. Tommy has really come through since regaining his place in the side and his captaincy just grows stronger while puts in these massive performances.
Who wants it then?
There was a lot of talk from Tommy too about defending from the front and his praise for Brett Pitman in the after game interviews. Tommy knows that Brett is having a hard time and it was a great thought to give Brett a pat on the back and show that they are all in it together. Tommy's captaincy could be seen right there and if the players continue to gee each other up it will only make them more determined to keep their run going.

Pitman gets the captain's backing.
Alongside Elphick was Steve Cook who clearly decided a mask was not needed or comfortable enough for him to wear over his broken nose, even though he was expecting a mask to arrive for him before the game. The injuries have not been kind for either Tommy or Steve but both seem to step up their game when they are paired together in central defence. No doubt their is a battle going on between Elphick, Cook and Ward to see who takes part in the most clean sheets, but the recent record shows that they have all picked up their work rate, probably aided by Lee Camp behind them.
Tommy is finding the form that did him and AFCB so well last season.
Earning a clean sheet three times in a row will be a further mark of improvement in the side and to earn that at Eawood Park would be special, as not many of AFCB's supporters will be able to make such a long trip for a mid-week match. And yes, AFCB play Blackburn on Wednesday not Tuesday - my slip up! 

The highlights of Blackpool v AFCB are now on the side panel of the blog.

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