Monday, 10 March 2014

Are the Cherries sitting comfortably?

It was a strange weekend when most of the team below Bournemouth recorded wins. The fear factor of relegation is kicking in if you like and nobody wants to go down. So where does that put AFCB? While some may be optimistically still dreaming of the outside chance of a play-off place - yeah it really was mentions on BBC Radio Solent - others like myself are still saying three more wins please as the main target of 50 points approaches.
Well it's thumbs up from Ritchie.
Like all AFCB supporters I hope the team finishes in the highest place it can because financially that will bring rewards and give the team a good platform for next season. But the Championship is a cruel league and just when you think you are doing okay it can turn round and bite you. AFCB have to put the last two wins to the side and really roll their sleeves up against a Blackburn side who still have strong play-off dreams. What's more, they'll be playing at home on Wednesday night having had a tough derby match against Burnley on Sunday where again they came up short. 

So as pretty as AFCB might be sitting they can't relax for a second. A draw against Blackburn would be a big result and in the first instance I hope that Eddie Howe is to instruct his team to try and get their clean sheet. Still, I fear the Blackburn game will be a more open match than the struggle at Bloomfield Road. Blackburn will attack having had back-to-back defeats and that will create space that the Cherries may be able to take advantage of.

Team selection will again be crucial for this match and while Eddie may be annoyed that Arter and Kermorgant could not play a part in the Blackpool match, he must have been pleased that the team was still able to get a positive result. Moreover, a win on Wednesday could put AFCB above Leeds Utd into 12th place. At that point AFCB would certainly be thinking how high can we finish this season? Three wins in a row would be a sign of momentum that has not been witnessed by the team yet this season. Even a draw would keep the unbeaten run going, but AFCB will have to go to Ewood Park aiming for a win if they are to come away with anything.

I like the fact that Eddie Howe finally has some options on who to play and can pick different formations as well as different players if he feels the need. When he asked Brett Pitman to step up against Blackpool, he did. It may be Pugh or Coulibaly could play more of a part against Blackburn, while I can't see Arter being happy about missing two games in a row.

So, overall while I would say the Cherries are sitting in a good place they are not quite comfy yet. There is room for more of a cushion if you like and if they really stretch their legs they may even find that some of the top clubs come back within reach within this league where even the bottom teams can cause an upset or two as last weekend proves.

You can listen to Michael Dunne's All Departments on the 0-1 win at Blackpool by visiting the All Departments' website or scrolling down our side panel to the All Departments' sound bar and clicking on it.

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