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Cherries sink Barnsley with Cook's late, late winner 0-1

Match Description
Barnsley 0 v 1 AFCB
22 March 2014
Attendance: 9392

Having suffered a last minute defeat in mid-week, this was a match that all AFCB fans were a bit apprehensive about as Barnsley sat bottom of the league and were probably due some luck. But the luck was to be all Bournemouth's as Steve Cook managed to bundle the ball over the line in the 93rd minute to win the game and banish the bad memories of the Charlton game, while heaping more misery on Danny Wilson's Barnsley team. What a contrast to the feelings that Bournemouth had suffered earlier this week - those three points feel fantastic now don't they? 

Following the defeat on Tuesday against Charlton Eddie Howe opted to make two changes with Pugh and Arter dropping to the bench while Kermorgant and Ritchie came into the starting eleven. Pitman also made it on to the subs bench. The team selection meant two up front for Bournemouth and with Ritchie back in the team it looked a good attacking line up. Arter like many of the midfield players did not have his best game in mid-week so it was good to see Eddie shake things up a bit. We want everyone battling for a place in the team.

Barnsley, who were beaten 3-0 in their last game against Watford made four changes dropping Mvoto, Lawrence, Frimpong and Mellis. So in came McLaughlin, Woods, Pedersen and O'Grady. Scott Mathieson was the referee for this game. 

Match Description: Listening to BBC Radio Solent with Willo and Kris Temple

Dawson sends in a cross but O'Grady heads it at the keeper. Ramage now and Camp is out to pick the ball up. Fraser is pulled down but nothing given! "I've seen those given," says Willo.

Grabban is offside. Camp almost steps out of his box with the ball but holds off from releasing. Barnsley come forward but Cook clears. Grabban holds it up and rain is falling at Oakwell. Kermogant battles with Nyatanga.

Hunt now with the ball up to O'Grady wide right but Kermorgant is defending and puts it out. Surman put in a cross but it's out for a corner to Bournemouth, four minutes gone. Grabban to Fraser and Elphick nearly gets in at the near post. 

Ritchie into Fraser and Luke Steele palms it away. Francis trying to get around Kennedy. Fraser now looking for Ritchie over plays it. Willo says the rain has helped AFCB as there were a few bumps on the pitch. Ritchie with the ball but it's too long and out for a goal kick. 

Pedersen over to McLaughlin but Francis clears. Woods to Kennedy and O'Grady, Pedersen can't quite get on the end of it though. Grabban up to Ritchie to Kermorgant but it's wide of the post. Grabban behind Nayatanga but the ref gives a foul against Grabban. Jennings 30 yards out and Kennedy from left back, Woods now O'Grady and Pedersen back to O'Grady but wide of the left post.

Kermorgant takes an arm in the face from Nayatanga. Free kick to Bournemouth with Francis to take it. he leaves it for O'Kane and Francis chested it on to Grabban who has an effort saved. McLaughlin crosses but the ball comes off a Cherries defender for a corner. Kermorgant clears to Jennings who plays it back to Kennedy. Jennings 25 yards out shoots and it comes off Cook for another corner!

Nayatanga throws himself at the ball but it's out for a goal kick. Dawson takes a shot that bounces awkwardly but it sticks in camp's gloves. O'Kane to Francis and Nayatanga puts the ball out. O'Kane gives it away. Pedersen loses out and it's back with Camp. Fraser gets some treatment after a knee to the thigh.

Ritchie goes for a shirt that is swerving all over the place but Steele manages to put it out for a corner! Fraser and Ricthie's volley goes high and wide, 17 minutes gone. Grabban looks for Kermorgant but the ball is out. Steele collects in front of Ritchie and Harte makes a clearance at the other end.

Hunt takes the through McLaughlin crosses but Cook clears. Kennedy intercepts and Ramage to McLaughlin and O'Grady but Harte tackles McLaughlin. AFCB win a goal kick. "There 's one or two things that are encouraging," says Willo.

Fraser gets away from Hunt and tries to place a shot but it's comfortable for Steele. Jenning's and O'Grady and Harte clears at the far post. Dawson may be hurt here. "Pot shots really from both sides so far," says Temple. 23 minutes gone.

Nayatanga volleys it over half way but Kermorgant is found by Surman and Hunt has to clear. Cook with a long throw. Ramage clears and Pedersen. O'kane nudges McLaughlin and gets the ball back to Camp. O'Kane and Grabban is adjudged to push Nayatanga.

O'Kane in midfield but he is tackled and it's with Steele. Camp to Grabban and plays it to Francis and Fraser. Luke Steele can't stop the ball going out for a corner. Fraser switched wings there to good effect. Harte and Surman by the corner. It's too high for Elphick and Cook and it was a bit hurried by the Cherries.

Barnsley have only won six games all season in all competitions says Temple. Kermorgant to Grabban and back to Yann. Grabban to Kermorgant and back to Surman superbly work and Surman put it past the right post! It was a great opportunity. "He tried to dink it past the keeper but put it wide of the post," says Temple. "A desperately disappointing finish," says Willo. 28 minutes gone.

Barnsley down the right with McLaughlin and Hunt and Harte puts it out for a corner. Woods to take. It comes to Hunt but camp has the ball. Surman makes a poor pass that Kennedy has and McLaughlin into Pedersen and Cook clears.

Ritchie breaks but has to cancel his run. Kermorgant had a heavy touch. Grabban is chasing Dawson. Now Jennings and Rammage. The ball over the top to McLaughlin is too long. O'Kane feeds back to Camp. Kennedy pushes Ritchie and it's a free kick to Bournemouth.

Pedersen on the break but the Cherries get back to cover. O'Kane to Surman but Kennedy clears. Francis puts a cross in that hits Jennings and it's a corner to AFCB. Harte to take. A quarter of the pitch is in shade. AFCB are all in black today. Kermorgant heads down but into lots of red shirts and looks disappointed that he gets no corner.

O'Grady and Harte and Cook get in each others way. Pedersen and camp is fouled no and it is put wide. That should have been a foul on Camp says Temple. Wood put his chance wide! Camp was challenged in mid-air and was unlucky not to get a free kick for that the commentary team say. Nine minutes to half time.

The Barnsley crowd is quiet. Dawson heads out to O'Kane and Ritchie is chased by Jennings. Nayatanga beats Fraser to the ball. Grabban's cross to Kermorgant, and Fraser ducks out the way of it. A dangerous ball that was.

Jennings is caught by Francis and Jennings fouls Ritchie. Woods holds off O'Kane. Woods has a back problem and is receiving attention. Pedersen gives away a free kick but O'Kane is caught in possession and Cook makes a clearance. Cook clears again for a corner to Barnsley. Woods takes it and Ramage was climbing all over Francis and it's a free kick to AFCB.

Fraser into O'Kane. Wood fouls a Bournemouth player. A good opportunity thinks Willo. Harte to take on the left. Grabban against Hunt.,Cook got a head on it but Barnsley are on the break. Dawson to O'Gardy and Cook clears and Fraser is caught by Hunt and potentially a yellow card - yes indeed. Ritchie is also booked for his rugby tackle as Barnsley had tried to break. 

Two minutes of extra time. Surman plays a ball over to Grabban and he cut's back on his right foot. His shot is well saved as it's punched away over the bar! Corner to AFCB and Cook can't reach it at the far post. At half time it's 0-0. AFCB have had 61 per cent of the possession and 4 shots on target compared to Barnsley's 2.

Second Half

Hunt is subbed and Cywka is on. O'Grady chases to the ball with Francis but it's out of play. Elphick puts the ball out now. Barnsley play it in to Pedersen and his header is saved by Camp. Kermorgant keeps the ball in play. The wind could be playing it's part this half. 

Francis is caught in possession. O'Kane clears. Roy Keane is in the press box as well as Theo Paphitis of Dragons Den fame. Grabban looks to shoot but strikes a defender and it's out for a corner. Ian Harte puts it right into the keeper we who beats Kermorgant to it.

Pedersen blasts one wide and into the crowd. Fraser takes on McLaughlin but his shot swerves away from the goal. Willo keeps says ,"Rantie, Rantie, Rantie!" O'Grady's cross is cleared by Cook.

Grabban plays the ball over to Ricthie and Fraser across the box to Ritchie and he stabs it through a Barnsley's player's legs but it's collected by the keeper. Pedersen goes down against Elphick but nothing is given. With the wind and rain behind them AFCB should try and get some shots off this half.

Harte wins a throw off of O'Grady. O'Kane goes down but no free kick. Wood's ball is cut out by Elphick. Surman up to Grabban and O'Grady gets it. Dawson wins a free kick."Strange things happening now," says Willo. "The linesman wants to get involved." O'Kane really should have been given a free kick.

Woods runs away and Cywka hits O'Kane with his shot. Kermorgant wins a free kick just over half way. Harte up to O'Kane but his 30 yard shot is well wide. Rantie, Pitman and Rantie are warming up. Pedersen loses out to Cook in a race for the ball.

Kermorgant and Nayatanga. Grabban now and Grabban hurdles a tackle but Nayatanga clears to Francis. Grabban draws a challenge from Wood and it's a Barnsley throw. Elphick wins the ball and Cherries have a throw.

O'Kane and Surman but Steele hammers the ball away. Kermorgant to Harte but it's out for a goal kick. Harte wins a free kick against Cywka. Elphick plays a ball up which Nayatanga deals with. O'Grady releases McLaughlin and Cook puts it out for a corner. McLaughlin has been switched to right back this half. 

Fraser tries to break out. Surman runs on to it and Dawson puts it out for an AFCB corner on 61 minutes. Francis flicks it on now Kermorgant. Ritchie wants a handball but nothing is given. Fraser over the top and McLaughlin gets there first. "We are getting closer," says Willo. O'Kane had a chance to shoot but doesn't.

Pugh is warming up now with the other subs. Dawson plays a poor ball. Woods tries to jump for it and Fraser wins a free kick. Francis Crosses and Kermorgant can't get there. O'Grady down the pitch a chance for Pedersen and he has smashed it over the top.

Harte coming forward and Fraser and Ritchie back again but Fraser's effort is wide. Another step would have made it easier for Fraser according to Willo. Cook now defending. Fraser tackles and it's a Barnsley throw. O'Grady crosses, Jennings back across goal but AFCB clear. Pedersen jumps into Elphick and it's a Bournemouth free kick.

O'Grady is dropping in behind the top two causing problems. Ramage fouls Grabban as he tries to spin away. Elphick tries to scoop it towards goal. Now Ritchie and Grabban can't get it under control.

Fraser in pursuit. Dawson and Jennings do a one-two but Cook is in and Surman up to Grabban against Nayatanga. Fraser in the box finds Surman outside but he drags his shot wide. Last 20 minutes. Surman - what have you done with your shooting boots?

Surman pushes over Dawson. It's a Barnsley corner. Jennings to take and it goes straight out for a goal kick. AFCB and Grabban get up the other end and win a corner off Cywka. Ramage heads it out for another corner. Elphick heads it on but it's hammered clear by Nayatanga, but Jennings fouls O'Kane with a high foot.

Nayatanga clears the free kick and Kennedy up to Pedersen but O'Kane clears up and camp clears. It's now a Cherries throw. Harte beats Cywka but the lose ball land with McLaughlin. AFCB win it back but Steele kicks it away.

O'Kane is on the ground. Ramage and Kermorgant wins the ball. Francis and Kennedy is down. The Cherries win a throw in with Ritchie. Barnsley are getting to put Mellis on. Ritchie goes for goal from Cook's throw 25 yards out. It hits the underside of the bar! But Grabban is offside anyway.

Mellis comes on for Woods in central midfield for Barnsley on 77 minutes. Harte gets away from Cywka. Kermorgant into Grabban and Nayatanga gets a yellow card. Harte down the left, Grabban sends it back and Tommy heads an effort that the keeper saves. Nine minutes to go.

Ritchie shoots at goal but right at the keeper. Peter Ramage has a problem his hamstring has gone. Barnsley make their last sub as Mvoto comes on for Ramage on 82 minutes.

Francis volleys it up high. The Cherries get a throw. A handball in the centre circle for AFCB. O'Kane straight to the keeper. Harte chases back with Perdersen and the shot hit Harte. O'Kane gave the ball away there and dived in!

Fraser beats Cywka and got into the box and wins a corner. Four minutes to go. Barnsley head it over the bar for another corner.On the far post and it's away. Surman to Harte. Ricthie and Mvoto comes in. Cook with a long throw.

Over Francis to Mellis and Francis plays it in. Surman now and Fraser to Harte beats Cywka and plays it in Kermorgant turns back to Ritchie who hits it into the keeper's arms! O'Grady and Jennings now. Kermorgant wins the ball.

The crowd are getting on to the Barnsley players. Mvoto heads back to Steele. Ritchie is still running strong. Extra time now. Mellis brings the ball away - three minutes of extra time. Kennedy beats Francis, Dawson and O'Kane blocks. O'Grady's ball and Cook heads away. Barnsley pressure Elphick heads out. 

Harte starts an attack to Fraser who goes down. Cywka slips and AFCB have a throw. Grabban to Ritchie and O'Kane into Ritchie. Barnsley with Jennings and it's too strong for Pederesen.

Kermorgant and Mvoto come together. Fraser to Harte. Fraser is tackled bu Mvoto and it's corner. Harte delivers and Nayatanga heads it out. Another corner. A great save and it's been bundled in by Steve Cook. The Cherries have a win with second left! Steele pulled off a miracle save and pushed it up into the air from Yann Kermorgant and four or five came in and Cook has bundled it in!! heartbreak for Barnsley.

"Jump for joy in South Yorkshire," says Temple. "We left it late," says Willo. But it was deserved. The 93rd minute was a bit kinder than it was on Tuesday night for the Cherries. Still, you have to feel for Barnsley and their supporters. It can be a cruel game. AFCb are up to 11th in the Championship.

Camp, Francis, Cook, Elphick, Harter, O'Kane, Ritchie, Surman, Fraser, Grabban and Kermorgant.

Allsop, Ward, Smith, Arter, Pugh, Pitman, Rantie.

Steele, Ramage (Mvoto 82), Kennedy, Nyatanga, Hunt (Cywka 46), Dawson, McLaughlin, Woods (Mellis 77), Jennings, Pedersen and O'Grady.

Barnsley Subs
Proschwitz, Lawrence, Cywka, Mellis, Mvoto, Turner, McCourt.

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