Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Rocket Ryan was on fire against Donny

I am not sure what Eddie Howe put in Ryan Fraser's porridge last week but was I the only one to think that he was leaving fire trails all over the pitch with his blazing runs against Donny? In the first half I though young Ryan was simply unplayable. He was electric in his bursts down the left wing and he was causing absolute mayhem among the Doncaster back ranks.
Ryan will look to establish himself further in Scotland's U21 squad
playing against Hungary tonight.
I am not surprised that he was subbed in the second half because he really ran his socks off and when Ryan plays like that the whole of the division is going to sit up and take notice. While he may be kicking himself for not getting a goal he should not worry too much as he put the after burners on for most of the match and did more than enough to impress. His big moment did come in that first half though when he played a delightful one-two that put him clean through on goal. The move was perhaps so good that it came as a bit of a shock to the Wee man and while he picked his spot and kept his shot low he must have been gutted to sere Johnstone pull off such a magnificent save down to his right.

Ryan has certainly come of age and is starting to do things that other players could only dream of. He is stepping his game up to another level from what I can see and if he continues like this he is going to attract the attention of Gordan Strachan for the full Scottish squad soon. It is not only that Ryan has such tremendous pace, but that he frustrates and scares the life out of midfielders and defenders with his direct running. It was no surprise to see Doncaster's Paul Keegan shouting at him get up when he had just been dribbled by again by Ryan which had left the midfielder with no option but to stick a leg out. Someone was going to pick up a yellow card marking Ryan and Keegan duly obliged.

Goal scoring will be the area of the game where Ryan will look to improve further, but his role in the team continues to grow with him taking on more duties like the corner kicking at times. his rate of development is stella class and it must give those in the Development squad something to aim at when they see how well Ryan has been doing in the first team. I see that Josh O'Hanlon was also called up for the Republic of Ireland's U19 two matches against Romania this week, which is more good news, while we will see how Ranti gets on against Brazil.

Of course,e also wish Ryan good luck tonight as he lines up against Hungary for Scotland's U21 side and Tannadice.

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