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Match Preview: Cherry Chimes talks to Blackpool FC Blog

Match Preview
Blogger Interview - Blackpool FC Blog
Blackpool v AFCB

Cherry Chimes has been talking with John Campbell ahead of the big seaside clash between Blackpool and AFCB. John is the editor of the excellent Blackpool FC Blog which is a really strong read and always full of news on one of the Championship clubs that always seems to make headlines. At the moment things have not been going so well for the team and it sounds like the fans are starting to ask a lot of questions about why the team is not performing. 

CC: Did you feel it was only a matter of time before Paul Ince was given his marching orders?

BFCB: Yes, the writing was on the wall as they said, if he turned it around he could have stayed however there was never any plan B or drastic change to try and make a difference.

CC: Ever since Tom Ince has gone to Palace Blackpool seem to have struggled or did the problems stem before that?

BFCB: Before, pretty much after the the Millwall game in September you could tell we were going to have problems, the turning point was the defeat to Yeovil where we had three sent off which started a really bad run which we've never got out off.

CC: How well suited do you think Barry Ferguson is to the managerial job at Blackpool?

BFCB: At the moment, not very well. He's not been able to turn it around but to be fair to him its not the ideal first managerial appointment. It would be very disappointing to have this spell as Blackpool manager as his first job post playing career. We really needed an experienced manager to come in and turn things around.

CC: How much of a player rebuilding project needs to take place at Blackpool?

BFCB: The entire squad and club needs changing, but while Karl Oyston remains in charge of the club there will be no change.

CC: Did you bring any quality into the team in January?

BFCB: No.... which is why we are in the current situation. Andy Keogh looks the best of the bunch.

CC: Was the 5-1 Reading defeat the low point of your season?

BFCB: No, Saturday 4-0 against Watford, a low point for maybe the last 10-15 years...

CC: Blackpool have had some good draws against Ipswich and Forest, but Blackpool's last win was against Sheffield Wednesday in November so has the team been poor or just unlucky?

BFCB: Poor, very poor. We've not deserved to win so can't put it down to bad luck. The players haven't been good enough or motivated.

CC: AFCB have also struggled to get wins so do you see this as a good chance for Blackpool to get three points at home?

BFCB: No, we are really at rock bottom and at the moment it's very hard to see where a win could come from.

CC: It looks like there are lots of stanchion posts at Bloomfield Road so what is the view like at the ground for away fans, comfy seats too?

BFCB: It's not the worst away view you'll get this season. It's pretty good for temporary stand.

CC: What is the parking like around the stadium and is it far from the sea front (some AFCB fans might want to see the donkeys but hopefully there's none on the pitch)?

BFCB: Loads of it, on street for free if you get there early enough, if not there's a huge car park running along the sea side of the ground.

CC: What are you aspirations for the rest of the season?

BFCB: To stay up, pretty bad considering we were top of the league the last time we met.

CC: That has to be about the most difficult set of questions and answers that we have seen on Rival Lines. No fan likes to see their team having such a hard time of things as John and other Blackpool fans are going through. But one win can make a big difference and Bloomfield Road is never an easy place to visit. For Bournemouth fans it will be a bit of an adventure and I expect there will be a good number of Bournemouth fans visiting despite the distance. If you are keen to hear a further examination of John's views on Blackpool FC and his recent reports including their last game against Watford, take a trip to his Blackpool FC Blog. 

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