Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Doncaster game suddenly becomes a massive match

It has been very frustrating to see AFCB not able to pick up many points in recent weeks. The danger in that is that they have become a target for those teams chasing safety and are now within reach. The fixtures have not been kind to the Cherries in February and they have only had the chance to play Bolton of the lower teams in recent weeks. That game was drawn away from home but the Cherries must start winning at home against the teams that need putting away.

AFCB's players must hit top form now in the coming weeks.
That starts on Saturday with the visit of Doncaster Rovers. They are a team that has been down in the bottom third all season long and yet they are now only six points or two wins behind the Cherries. If they beat AFCB it looks like the battle to stay up is something that would include the Cherries, but a win would stretch AFCB away from danger and give them some breathing space. With Blackpool and Blackburn away fixtures to follow it is crucial that the Cherries steer themselves to three points on Saturday.

Missed chances are no longer a tale that can sit happy with the players or the fans. They need wins and goals and AFCB need all the support they can get home and away if they are to pull themselves away from the bottom teams. We know the players are good enough and positive thinking can take them a long way. But at the end of the day it will come down to matches like that against Doncaster, where AFCB have to impress their style and dominance to record a win. Without any doubt this is the most important game of AFCB's season so far. 

If you are at Dean Court today, don't hold back. Cheer the lads on, because every voice counts.

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